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           tutorial       David McKnight

                              MY TOP 10 VEGAS
                              TIPS, PART 2

                                   In November, we began our
                                 two-part series on my favorite
                                 Sony Vegas tips and tricks
                                 with six tips designed to
                                 enhance your workflow and
                                 increase your productivity.
                                 Here’s the second installment,
                                 with five more tips that I hope
                                 you’ll find as handy as I do.

                                                                                                                                                event dv TUTORIAL

 Get Back to Where You Once Belonged

Did you know that anywhere you make an
adjustment in Vegas—any plug-in or FX,
on the Track Header, on the Mixer, and so
forth—you can double-click that slider or
control and it will revert back to its default
setting (Figure 1)? This works on most of the
adjustment controls in Vegas, not just sliders.
This is a handy way to audition new settings,
try new things, and then instantly get back to                                                   Double-click a slider or control to reset it to its original setting.
the default setting with a double-click.             figure 1


Other NLEs such as Final Cut Pro have tabs on the timeline             project. One instance might have all raw footage. She’ll cut and
where you can group scenes or clips (sequences) together in            paste clips into the timeline of a second instance, while a third
a logical fashion. Vegas doesn’t do tabs, but the solution is very     instance is capturing tape for a completely different project
simple: Open more than one copy of Vegas! It’s not uncommon            (yes, we still use tape).
for my wife, Christie, to have two to four instances of Vegas
open at the same time when she’s editing a wedding or other            If you have a multicore machine, none of this is taxing at all.

 Somebody Save Me

A whole book could be written about how to
handle disaster recovery and project assets
management throughout a pr
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