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18 Things NOT TO MISS


A treat of musical merriment is what you'll get when you attend one of the Louisville Bach Society's upcoming concerts. In keeping with the holiday season, they'll be singing a cappella motets by Brahms, Rheinberger, and Calvisius using a variety of choral combinations. Also see them perform Handel's Messiah on December 11, 7:30pm at Harvey Browne Presbyterian.In Butterfingers, [William Gibson] has combined a series of deftly constructed short scenes with traditional Christmas music. It's enhanced by (amongst other characters) a tree, a sheep, and a donkey who talk, and a beguiling Mary who had heretofore decided that men and marriage were not for her. One of the loudest and collective belly laughs that I've participated in while at a theatrical production comes upon the entrance of one of the Three 'Kings'.Getting a good night's sleep might mean doing more than drinking a cup of warm milk before bedtime - especially when a recent CDC study lists our state as one of the most sleep deprived. The culprit is sleep apnea, a common sleep disorder that causes you to stop breathing temporarily. Barbara Rigdon, director of the University of Louisville's Sleep Center, says sleep apnea patients are often restless at night because of their episodic breathing. Sleeping in a t-shirt with a tennis ball attached to the back of it is a type of positional therapy the center uses to treat some sleep apnea patients, says Rigdon. When the muscles relax, she explains, the excess tissue in the throat closes off the airway, but the feel of the tennis ball prevents the patient from lying on their back which keeps the airway open. The method might sound a bit drastic, but it's worth it. The University Sleep Center is located in the Residence Inn Marriott at 333 E. Market Street. 502.562.3792.

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