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      10 Renal & Urology News                           DECEMBER 2009

       Cell Phone Use Could Damage Semen
      Handsets in talk mode while in a trouser pocket could decrease sperm motility, a study suggests
                                                             Society for Reproductive Medicine            RF-EMW exposure on sperm para-              found. The exposed samples also
                                                             annual meeting, said carrying a cell         meters at a specific distance and identi-   showed an 18% increased production
                                                             phone in a trouser pocket while talk-        fied the type of free radicals produced     of extracellular seminal ROS com-
                                                             ing on a Bluetooth device may ex-            by human sperm.                             pared with the non-exposed semen
                                                             pose the human testes to high-power             After liquefaction, 17 semen samples     samples. The investigators concluded
                                                             radiofrequency electromagnetic waves         were divided into two aliquots. One         that the significant decline in sperm

                                                             (RF-EMW) when the phone is in the            aliquot (experimental) from each pa-        quality in specimens exposed to RF-
                                                             talk mode.                                   tient was exposed to cell phone radia-      EMW may be mediated by increased
                                                               In a recent in vitro study, the re-        tion (while the phone was in talk           ROS production. They hypothesized
      BY JOHN SCHIESZER                                      searchers found an increased produc-         mode) for 60 minutes and a second           that when a man talks on a Bluetooth
      ATLANTA—Men who keep cell                              tion of free radicals or reactive oxygen     unexposed aliquot served as the con-        and the cell phone is on talk mode in
      phones in a trouser pocket in the talk                 species (ROS) in semen after expos-          trol under identical conditions, includ-    the pocket or attached to a belt, it
      mode while using a Bluetooth device                    ing semen to RF-EMW emitted by a             ing a temperature of 69° Fahrenheit.        might be dangerous and could cause
      may experience decreased fertility,                    cell phone. The team realized, how-          Dr. Agarwal’s group used computa-           infertility. Dr. Agarwal told Renal &
      according to researchers.                              ever, that it is difficult to estimate the   tional biomodeling to calculate the         Urology News that “we do feel further
        “We found increased oxidative stress                 accurate amount of RF-EMW expo-              distance of 3.3 cm between the an-          studies are needed. At this time I
      and a decrease in sperm motility,” said                sure to human testes because testes are      tenna and the sample tube center. The       would say excessive use should be
      investigator Ashok Agarwal, PhD,                       separated by scrotal layers from the cell    investigators then looked at the per-       avoided. However, there is a need for
      Director of Reproductive Research at                   phone. They used a computer bio-             centage of sperm motility and viability.    new studies to prove our in vitro find-
      Cleveland Clinic in Ohio.                              modeling program to calculate the dis-       ROS production in the semen speci-          ings in an in vivo condition.”
        Dr. Agarwal and his colleagues                       tance in an in vitro experiment. The         mens was measured using lucigenin             Two studies from the Cleveland
      conducted a prospective, controlled                    experiment was designed to mimic the         (extracellular) and flow cytometry          Clinic have shown the harmful ef-
      trial looking at the effects of Blue-                  RF-EMW exposure while a cell phone           (intracellular).                            fects of cell phone-generated elec-
      tooth technology on male fertil-                       is kept in the trouser pocket in the talk       Semen samples exposed to RF-EMW          tromagnetic radiation on semen qual-
      ity. Dr. Agarwal, who presented the                    mode. For their new investigation, the       showed significantly lower sperm mo-        ity. Several other recent studies support
      study findings here at the American                    researchers examined the effect of           tility and viability, the investigators     these findings. n

       Commonly Prescribed Medications May Harm Male Reproduction
       BY JOHN SCHIESZER                                     blocker propranolol can decreas
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