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                                                                                                Printer in Transition:

                                                                                              Mail Print
                                                                                    By Liz Fedorowicz
                                                                                    True variable data printing requires a certain collective mind-
                                                                                    set by the entire company to pursue all of the elements neces-
                                                                                    sary to be successful. There’s no half-way in variable data.
                                                                                    That pretty much sums up the philosophy of Mail Print CEO
                                                                                    Gina Danner.

                                                                                    She said she likes to think of her company as a marketing soft-
                                                                                    ware company that happens to own an extensive array of offset
                                                                                    and digital printing equipment. But she doesn’t use her digital
                                                                                    presses for short-run printing the way others do; she pushes
                                                                                    variable data technology to the limit. She prints a catalog for
                                                                                    one of her clients that has almost 1,000 variable elements in it.

                                                                                    Kansas City-based Mail Print has stayed ahead of the curve in
                                                                                    terms of variable data. In fact, as many printers are looking for
                                                                                    ways to cut back, Danner, who owns the company with her
                                                                                    two brothers, is focused on growing the business. Mail Print
                                                                                    recently expanded by about 10,000 square feet. The expansion
                                                                                    doubles the size of the company’s original space, which was
                                                                                    20,280 square feet in 1996.

                                                                                    This consistent growth is a direct reflection of careful planning
                                                                    Gina Danner     and market evaluation by the owners of the company. Twenty
                                                                                    years ago Mail Print produced lots of letterhead and envelopes,
                                                                                    however with the advent of e-mail as a core business tool, let-
       Personalization More Relevant Than Ever                                      terhead production is virtually gone. Today Mail Print is more
                                                                                    of a total marketing service provider than a printer.
 By Helene Cohen Smith                     One technology printers have been
 Adapting to change is the hallmark        exploring for the past several years     “We were fortunate to learn about digital printing years ago
 of successful printing companies.         —and been hammered with by               when a prospect approached us with a project,” Danner noted.
 In today’s economic climate, those        suppliers and consultants alike— is      “And in 2001 we leaped into digital with Indigo technology.
 that survive and thrive have come         offering their customers the ability     With a core piece of business already on board it was a painless
 to master transition; to take the best    to create and deliver documents          investment for us.”
 of new technologies, methodologies        that are customized for specific
 and trends, and weave them into           audiences or individuals. There          According to Danner, “You have to make a cultural shift—
 the fabric of their business offerings.                      continued on page 5   change the DNA—of the company in order to be successful. The
                                                                                                                               continued on page 4

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