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					         inform December 2009, Vol. 20 (12) 781

       D.E. Rae, C.M. Smuts, E.V. Lambert,          indicated that unextracted oil is sequestered     trans-9,cis-11 CLA and cis-10,trans-12
       and M. O’Shea                                in an insoluble matrix of denatured protein       CLA, and cis-9,trans-11 CLA had cross-
   n ■ Hepatic expression of long-chain acyl-       and is released by proteolytic digestion of       validated coefficients of determinations
       CoA synthetase 3 is upregulated in           this matrix. In flour from flake, unextracted     (R 2v) of 0.97, 0.98, 0.97, 0.98, 0.97, and
       hyperlipidemic hamsters, Wu, M., H.          oil is contained as intact oil bodies in undis-   0.99 and corresponding root-mean-square
       Liu, W. Chen, Y. Fujimoto, and J. Liu        rupted cells, or as coalesced oil droplets too    error of validation (RMSEV) of 1.14, 0.69,
   n ■ The effect of linseed on intramuscular
                                                    large to pass out of the disrupted cellular       0.27, 0.07, 0.14, and 0.07% CLA, respec-
                                                    matrix. Our results suggest that emulsifi-        tively. The ATR−FTIR technique is a rapid
       fat content and adipogenesis-related
                                                    cation is an important extraction mecha-          and less expensive method for determining
       genes in skeletal muscle of pigs, Luo,
                                                    nism that reduces the size of these droplets      CLA isomers in linoleic acid photo-isomer-
       H.-F., H.-K. Wei, F.-R. Huang, Z. Zhou,      and increases yield. Protease and sodium          ized soy oil than GC−FID.
       S.-W. Jiang, and J. Peng                     dodecyl sulfate were both successful in
   n ■ Cocoa butter and safflower oil elicit dif-   increasing extraction yields. We propose
       ferent effects on hepatic gene expres-       that this is because they disrupt a viscoelas-    Microbial production of
       sion and lipid metabolism in rats,           tic protein film at the droplet interface,        conjugated fatty acids
       Gustavsson, C., P. Parini, J. Ostojic,       facilitating droplet disruption. An extrac-
       L. Cheung, J. Hu, F. Zadjali, F. Tahir,                                                        Kishino, S., et al., Lipid Technol. 21:177–
                                                    tion model based on oil droplet coalescence
                                                                                                      181, 2009.
       K. Brismar, G. Norstedt, and P. Tol-         and the formation of a viscoelastic film was
                                                                                                           Conjugated fatty acids have attracted
       let-Egnell                                   able to fit kinetic extraction data well.
                                                                                                      much attention as a novel type of biolog-
   n ■ Differential expression of lipid metab-
                                                                                                      ically beneficial functional lipid. Some
       olism-related genes in porcine muscle        Measurement of conjugated                         isomers of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA)
       tissue leading to different intramuscu-
       lar fat deposition, Zhao, S.M., L.J. Ren,
                                                    linoleic acid (CLA) in CLA-rich                   reduce carcinogenesis, atherosclerosis, and
                                                    soy oil by attenuated total                       body fat. In considering the use of CLA
       L. Chen, X. Zhang, M.L. Cheng, W.Z.                                                            for medicinal and nutraceutical purposes,
       Li, Y.Y. Zhang, and S.Z. Gao                 reflectance−Fourier transform                     a safe isomer-selective process of produc-
   n ■ Long-chain ceramide produced in              infrared spectroscopy                             tion is required. The introduction of bio-
       response to N-hexanoylsphingosine
       does not induce apoptosis in CHP-100
                                                    (ATR−FTIR)                                        logical reactions for CLA production could
                                                                                                      be an answer. We screened microbial reac-
       cells, Mancinetti, A., S. Di Bartolomeo,     Kadamne, J.V., et al., J. Agric. Food Chem.
                                                                                                      tions useful for CLA production and found
       and A. Spinedi                               57:10483–10488, 2009.
Description: [...] we aim to develop a method to rapidly determine CLA isomers in CLArich soy oil.
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