The market situation and political framework in Germany for biodiesel and vegetable oil by ProQuest


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									                           The market situation
                        and political framework
                       in Germany for biodiesel
                               and vegetable oil

                       Dieter Bockey                                                        offering biodiesel. Whereas around 1,900 stations did so at the
                                                                                            start of 2007 according to an AGQM (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Qual-
                       The final details compiled by the Federal Sta-                       itätsmanagement Biodiesel e.V.) survey, this figure had fallen
                                                                                            to around 250 by the end of 2008. Subsequently, the AGQM
                       tistics Office and Federal Office of Economics                       was obliged to discontinue quality assurance at the filling station
                       and Export Control (BAFA) confirmed the drop in                      level. Guided and supported intensively by UFOP (Union zur
                       sales of biodiesel and vegetable oil in Germany                      Förderung von Oel- und Proteinpflanzen) for around 20 years,
                                                                                            this distribution channel was by far the most significant provi-
                       in 2008 in comparison to 2007. Although utiliza-                     sion instrument for alternative fuel throughout Germany up to
                       tion of biodiesel as an admixture component in                       2007. This network no longer exists, and given that each biodie-
                       fossil diesel fuel increased by 190,000 metric tons                  sel filling station was an important public relations multiplier,
                                                                                            biodiesel will also gradually disappear from the public eye. The
                       (MT) to 1.613 million metric tons (MMT), a slump                     pure vegetable oil (PVO) sector registered an even more dramatic
744                    of 739,000 MT in sales of pure fuel offset this pos-                 slump in sales from 772,000 MT in 2007 to 418,000 MT in 2008,
                                                                                            a drop of 46%.
                       itive development. In absolute figures: Whereas
December 2009 inform

                                                                                                  Notable from the perspective of the biodiesel and PVO busi-
                       1.821 MMT of biodiesel were marketed as pure                         ness sectors is the fact that—measured against overall diesel fuel
                       fuel in 2007, only 1.082 MMT were sold in 2008,                      consumption—these biofuels replaced 12.7% of the fossil diesel
                                                                                            requirement in 2007 and 10.2% in 2008. As a consequence, the
                       which equates to a reduction of 40.6%. Taking                        two fuels contributed to a CO 2 reduction within the transport
                       into consideration the increase in the utilization                   sector of around 9 MMT in 2007 and 7.1 MMT in 2008. The
                       of biodiesel as an admixture, component sales                        federal government’s national decarbonization strategy envis-
                                                                                            ages a targeted reduction within the transport sector of 30 MMT
                       of biodiesel fell overall by 16.9% from 3.245 MT                     of CO2 per year from 2020. These figures show that the utiliza-
                       in 2007 to 2.695 MT in 2008
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