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									                                                                                                740 inform December 2009, Vol. 20 (12)

 Editor-in-Chief Emeritus:
 James B.M. Rattray                                                                                      Bold type: new listing
                                                                                                         For details on these and other upcoming
                                                                                                         meetings, visit
 Contributing Editors:
 Rajiv Arora          Keshun Liu
 W.E. Artz
 Scott Bloomer
                      Mark Messina
                      Robert Moreau
                                                                             January                                 February
 Eduardo Dubinsky     D.J. Murphy                             January 9–14, 2010. Triglycerides          February 7–10, 2010. National Biodiesel
 Walter E. Farr       Willem van                              and Triglyceride-Rich Particles in         Conference & Expo, Gaylord Texan Resort
 Anu Hopia               Nieuwenhuyzen                        Health and Disease, Keystone Sym-          & Convention Center, Grapevine, Texas,
 Y.-S. (Vic) Huang    Brent Sørensen                          posium, Big Sky, Montana, USA.             USA. Information: www.biodieselconfer-
 S.P. Kochhar         T. Thiagarajan                          Information: www.keystonesym-    
 Gary List                                          
                                                              cfm?MeetingID=1033.                        February 7–11, 2010. National Oilseed
                                                                                                         Processors Association Annual Meeting
 Editorial Advisory Board:                                    January 23–27, 2010. LabAutomation2010,    2010, Tucson, Arizona, USA. Information:
 Michael Eskin        Hans Nieuwenhuis                        Palm Springs Convention Center, Palm
 Michael Haas         Fereidoon Shahidi                       Springs, California, USA. Information:
 Arnis Kuksis         Bernard Szuhaj                                February 7–12, 2010. Glycolipid & Sphin-
 Robert Moreau                                                                                           golipid Biology, Gordon Research Confer-
                                                              J a nu a r y 24 –29, 2 010 . Adipose       ence, Ventura Beach Marriott, Ventura,
                                                              Tissue Biology, Keystone Resort,           California, USA. Information: www.grc.
 AOCS Officers:                                                                                          org/programs.aspx?year=2010&progra
                                                              Keystone, Colorado, USA. Infor-
 President: Ian Purtle, Cargill, Minneapolis,                                                            m=glycolipid.
                                                              mation : w w w.keystonesympo -
    Minnesota, USA
                                                     / Meetings /ViewMeetings.
 Vice President: J. Keith Grime, JKG Consulting,                                                         February 8–10, 2010. 2010 Packag-
    Cincinnati, Ohio, USA                                                                                ing Conference, Aria CityCenter,
 Secretary: Steven E. Hill, Kraft Foods,                                                                 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Informa-
                                                              January 27–31, 2010. Soap and Detergent
    Glenview, Illinois, USA                                                                              tion: www.thepackagingconference.
                                                              Association Annual Meeting & Industry
 Treasurer: Timothy Kemper, Desmet Ballestra                                                             com.
                                                              Convention, The Grande Lakes Orlando,
    North America, Inc., Marietta, Georgia,
                                                              Orlando, Florida, USA. Information: www.
    USA                                                                                                  February 15 –17, 2010. 15th Annual
 Executive Vice President: Jean Wills Hinton,                                                            National Ethanol Conference: Climate
    AOCS, Urbana, Illinois, USA                                                                          of Opportunity, Gaylord Palms Resort
                                                              January 31–February 5, 2010. Prac-
                                                              tical Short Course on Feeds & Pet          & Convention Center, Orlando, Florida,
 AOCS Staff:                                                  Food Extrusion, Texas A&M Univer-          USA. Information: www.nationalethanol-
 Area Manager,                                                sity, College Station, Texas, USA.
   Publications:              Jack Wolowiec                   Information: e-mail: mnriaz@tamu.
 Managing Editor:             Jeremy Coulter                  edu;               February 18 –19, 2010. Agricultural
 Associate Editor:            Catherine Watkins                                                          Outlook Forum, Crystal Gateway Mar-
 Technical                                                                                               riott Hotel, Arlington, Virginia, USA. Infor-
   Projects Editor:           Marguerite Torrey                                                          mation:
 Design & Layout:             Gretchen Wieshuber
                                                                                                         February 20–23, 2010. Grain Elevator and
                                                                                                         Processing Safety (GEAPS) Exchange 2010,
                                                                                                         Century II Performing Arts and Conven-
 Index to advertisers                                                                                    tion Center, Wichita, Kansas, USA. Infor-

  Agribusiness & Water Technology                760      Harburg-Freudenberger Maschinenbau             February 21–26, 2010. Principles
  Anderson International Corp.                   737         GmbH                            743         and Practice of Cosmetic Science:
  Armstrong Engineering Assoc.                   756      *Oil-Dri Corporation of America    742         An Interactive Residential Course,
  *Crown Iron Works Company                      738      Roskamp Champion                    C3         Wessex Hot
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