Disparity is Defined as "an Inequality or Difference" by ProQuest


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									l   e    t    t   e    r    s        t     o          t   h    e        e    d    i      t    o    r

The opinions expressed here are not necessarily the opinions of the National Medical Association.

Disparity is Defined as “an                    ment in obesity rates (they are                than 70 million adults over age 65
Inequality or Difference”                      increasing among all racial groups)            by 2030.1 Therefore, geriatric train-
                                               and other addictions until patients            ing is slowly getting integrated into
To the Editor: I and other practic-            themselves address their problem(s)            educational curriculums of medical
ing physicians have addressed                  in concert with their physician and            school and residency programs. Fel-
health care disparities among                  health care providers. Personal                lowship programs are growing and
minority patients—and specifically             responsibility is not a political man-         are beginning to fill the huge need
African American patients—for                  tra, but the key to healthier life-            for geriatricians globally. Similarly,
many decades. Although numerous                styles and healthier patients. This            India is realizing its geriatric popu-
causes and remedies for the multi-             concept is key to educating and                lation surge and is preparing for
tude of disparity issues that affect           treating our patients.                         32% of its population to be over 65
our patients have been proposed,                                                              by 2050.2
published, and discussed, it is my             Barry E. Breaux, MD                                The Geriatrics Society of India
observation that one significant               bbx889@yahoo.com                               began in the early 1980s and has
solution is seldom mentioned or                East Bay Eye Center                            since garnered the attention of phy-
stressed. That is the concept of per-          Pinole, Calif.                                 sicians, nurses, politicians, and non-
sonal responsibility and personal                                                             profit organizations. The value of a
awareness of one’s health problems                                                            geriatric-oriented training program
and solutions.                                 Teaching Geriatrics in                         is being appreciated by patients,
    Type 2 diabetes is associated              India…Reflections on the                       families and health care providers
with obesity, lack of exercise, and            US Health Care System                          alike. In a country where financial,
poor dietary choices. After 27 years                                                          class, and, ultimately, health care
of practice, I know it is a rare patient       To the Editor: I was recently                  access disparities are broad, geriat-
that is not aware of these issues, yet         invited to be a guest lecturer for 2           ric training has been a uniting thread
I continually read that somehow this           weeks to teach geriatrics in India.            that has tried to keep medical care
is primarily an “institutional rac-            Being the director of geriatri
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