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                          AlphaGraphics Franchises Continue to See Growth
AlphaGraphics Inc., a print, graphics and marketing communica-          offer an acquisition assistance program that has helped cur-
tions provider, experienced significant business growth in 2008         rent franchise owners acquire close to $10 million in revenues
and continues to show positive results for this year. It reports that   this year. The program helps franchisees identify and purchase
acquisition assistance programs have increased revenues and its         other print facilities so that they can then be converted into the
business centers have provided attractive marketing services to         AlphaGraphics network.”
help local businesses boost their results.
                                                                                           The attraction towards AlphaGraphics’ full-
AlphaGraphics experienced total gross sales                                                service marketing and communication services
of over $300 million for fiscal year 2008. The                                             is also a contributing factor to the company’s
average gross sales for an AlphaGraphics loca-                                             success, Coley said. “We’re not just a print pro-
tion open for one year or more is $1,108,585;                                              vider; we offer marketing solutions to businesses,
the average gross for a location open for three years or more is        including design, consultation, marketing strategy, targeted mar-
$1,140,670, the company reports. In addition, Vice President of         keting with personalized URLs and more. Our centers also offer
Global Development Art Coley said this year, AlphaGraphics              traditional printing services such as color, large format, offset and
had the highest number of locations it has had in five years, with      digital printing, as well as copying, finishing, binding and kitting.”
265 centers worldwide. And, the number of new franchises grew
more than 30 percent from last year.                                    Clare Meehan, owner of an AlphaGraphics business center in
                                                                        Pittsburgh, Pa., for example, attributes her eight years of double-
“People joining AlphaGraphics are leaving corporations to               digit sales growth to unique marketing and communication ser-
have more control over their lives, to be their own bosses,             vices, as well as to her aggressive sales department and strong
and to be part of a successful network,” Coley said. “Plus, we          
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