Brown Printing Joins ACMA by ProQuest


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                                                                INDUSTRY NEWS
                                                                Canon                                        supervised by a Steering Committee              for the existing employment level of
                                                                continued from page 2                        composed of executives from Canon and           Océ, excluding already announced
                                                                                                             Océ. The sales and service integration          personnel reductions. The combination
                                                                huge sales network in Asia as well as        will be led by joint integration teams per      will respect the existing rights of the
                                                                mutual cross selling opportunities in        region with initially two dedicated orga-       employees of Océ, including applicable
                                                                Europe and the United States. Our cus-       nizations, respectively for the OIP and         covenants with the Océ works councils
                                                                tomers will benefit from an outstanding      for the Océ division.                           and the unions, the applicable social
                                                                product and services offering and our                                                        plans and collective labor agreements.
                                                                employees will be offered appealing          Océ and Canon do not expect that                The combination will also respect the
                                                                development opportunities.”                  there shall be any material negative            current obligations with respect to the
                                                                                                             consequences as a result of the offer           pension rights of Océ’s employees.
                                                                Canon and Océ have similar back-
                                                                grounds in corporate values with a
                                                                client-oriented culture and a technology
                                                                driven business model. Océ brings to the                         Brown Printing Joins ACMA
                                                                merger its expertise and strengths in the
                                                                areas of production printing, wide for-                                                   Brown Printing Co., a provider of
                                                                mat printing and business services. Océ’s                                                 premedia, printing, distribution and value-
                                                                strategy focuses on strengthening its dis-                                                added solutions to the catalog market-
                                                                tribution power, increasing product com-                                                  place, is now a member of the American
                                                                petitiveness and improving operational                                                    Catalog Mailers Association (ACMA).
                                                                excellence. The combination will provide
                                                                Océ access to Canon’s sales and market-         The ACMA is the primary voice of the catalog industry. Their mission is to provide
                                                                ing network throughout Asia.                    members with representation on issues that directly concern immediate and long
                                                                                                                term commercial interests including postal rates, regulations and technical matters,
                                                                Following the completion of the merger,         regulatory and congressional relations, and innovative business oriented advances
                                                                Océ will remain a separate legal entity         and external threats.
                                                                and will become a division within
                                                                Canon with headquarters in Venlo (the           “As a major service provider to catalogers, we believe involvement and representa-
                                                                Netherlands). Océ will be responsible           tion in industry organizations like the ACMA is crucial to helping our customers
                                                                worldwide for wide format, commercial           succeed,” explained Volker Peterson, president and CEO of Brown. “It is more
                                                                printing and business services. Océ’s           important than ever to have
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