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Time To Reap an Industry Field of Political Sustainability


The parental adage about the squeaky wheel getting the oil is really true - it's why organized labor has such influence. Union members utilize a constant "in your face" presence in statehouses and Capitol Hill.

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                                                                legislative update
                                                                                  By Vicki R. Keenan

                                                                               Time To Reap an Industry Field of Political Sustainability
                                                                    s this column is being written,             sonalize a pre-written letter on various key       ered by New York City Council.

                                                                A   Tri-state area voters are readying
                                                                    to go to the polls and cast their
                                                                choices for a Garden State governor, New
                                                                                                                bills that impact your firm. It will only take
                                                                                                                two minutes out of your day—and hope-
                                                                                                                fully result in much-needed ROI.
                                                                                                                                                                   A greenhouse gas emissions proposal
                                                                                                                                                                   is under consideration in Pennsylvania.
                                                                                                                                                                   Various tax, labor and environmental bills
                                                                York City mayor, and many new (or incum-                                                           span the New Jersey docket, along with
                                                                bent) legislators.                              Want to help ensure that pro-business              hotly contested internal leadership selec-
                                                                                                                candidates get elected? Contribute to              tions of a new assembly speaker and pos-
                                                                Their decisions in large parts will be          PrintPac, Printing Industries of America’s         sibly different (and not business-friendly)
                                                                impacted more this year than in any             political action committee. Some of you            Senate president.
                                                                previous ones with a more discerning            may bemoan “special interests,” but in
                                                                eye aimed toward the economy. New York          this case, it’s your own.                          None of this is meant to lecture, but rather
                                                                State lost 18,300 private sector jobs in                                                           to strongly encourage personal involve-
                                                                September alone (3 percent of its work-         While federal health care legislation has          ment in the political process. We reap
                                                                force), keeping the state’s unemployment        taken center stage, the Employee Free              what we sow. Working together, let’s go for
                                                                rate steady at 8.9 percent. New Jersey’s        Choice Act and climate change bills that           a field that offers self-sustaining crops by
                                                                jobless rate hit 9.8 percent, a 32-year high    will impact how your presses run are in            making our collective voices heard—and
                                                                with a job loss of 12,000. Layoffs within       line immediately behind it.                        heard loudly!
                                                                printing, publishing and advertising firms,
                                                                as well as our supplier sectors, have been      At the state levels, New York Gov. Pater-          Vicki R. Keenan is vice president of
                                                                themselves significant.                         son is calling state officials back into a         Printing Industries Alliance (PIA), a
                                                                                                                Nov. 10 special session to deal with the           regional trade association representing
                                                                But no matter the election outcomes, the        budget and a “Do Not Mail” bill that the           the interests of the $20 billion printing
                                                                time has never been more critical for print-    alliance has been able to keep on a back           and graphic communications industry
                                                                ers and other Printing News readers to          burner to date may see renewed momen-              throughout New York State, northern New
                                                                get involved in making their individual and     tum. Mandated sick leave is being consid-          Jersey and northwestern Pennsylvania.
                                                                industry-collective voices heard.

                                                                The parental adage about the squeaky             PIA Member Testifies Before House Committee
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