What Happened to Notre Dame?

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					dent as the law of affirmative action.”     situation and has the brilliant and       the Magisterium of the Church.
       Berlinski admires the great edi-     ruthless cardinal supervising the con-    Rice’s patient, readable explanation
fice of science, and it is clear that he    struction of a church to science that     of the meaning of the Magisterium
has it in for those who promote such        is now our church. The basilica’s         as the Church’s divine commission
cloudy concepts that resemble Ror-          spire, however, remains incomplete.       to be the authentic interpreter of
schach more than they do Einstein           “And in the clear moonlight, the ca-      God’s unchanging moral law is one
and Edison. Berlinski has entered this      thedral looks unbalanced, almost as if    of the many strengths of What Hap-
fray because he wants to defend those       it were a cripple defiantly waving a      pened to Notre Dame? Rice further
who have “an angry sense of being           stump against the sky.” At this un-       explains why the Magisterium is
oppressed” by smart alecks like             certain juncture, the cardinal is asked   necessary to protect freedom of con-
Dawkins who routinely announce              if the cathedral supports the faith       science and defend truth against the
that science has obliterated religion.      placed in it.                             dictatorship of relativism. Clearly, a
       Berlinski’s defense of religion is         “Does any cathedral?” Berlinski     university cannot reject the teaching
engagingly straightforward: “While          responds in the last line of the book.
science has nothing of value to say
                                                                Terry Scambray
on the great and aching questions of
life, death, love and meaning, what
                                                                                      STATEMENT OF OWNERSHIP, MANAGE-
the religious traditions of mankind                                                   MENT, AND CIRCULATION: Title: NEW OX-
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have said forms a coherent body of                                                    09/29/09. Frequency: monthly except combined
thought…. A principle beyond self-                                                    July-August issue; 11 issues published annually;
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ishness is at work in the cosmos…. I        What Happened to Notre Dame?              cation: 1069 Kains Av., Berkeley CA 94706.
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do not know whether this is true. I         By Charles E. Rice. St. Augustine’s       keley CA 94706. Publisher: New Oxford Review
                                                                                      Inc., 1069 Kains Av., Berkeley CA 94706; Editor:
am certain that the scientific commu-       Press. 192 pages. $15.                    Pieter Vree, 1069 Kains Av., Berkeley CA 94706;
nity does not know that it is false.”                                                 Managing Editor: Elena M. Vree, 1069 Kains
                                                                                      Av., Berkeley CA 94706. Owner: New Oxford
       For Berlinski, there are four sci-          It has been said that Church       Review Inc., 1069 Kains Av., Berkeley CA 94706.
                                                                                      No bondholders, mortgagees, or other security
entific theories: Newtonian mechan-         history is a cycle from fidelity to re-   holders. The purpose, function, and nonprofit
                                                                                      status of this organization and the exempt status
ics, Maxwell’s theory of the electro-       bellion to repentance and return to fi-   for federal income tax purposes has not changed
magnetic field, special and general         delity. Charles Rice’s well-researched    during the preceding 12 months. Extent and
                                                                                      Nature of Circulation: Net Press Run: Average
relativity, and quantum mechanics.          book is about the rebellion phase. Its    preceding 12 months: 11,848; No. copies
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