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                                                 Program reduces nurse med
                  Anne Marie Barnett, RN
                  Former President,
                  Maryland NADONA/LTC            mistakes by nearly 9 in 10
                                                 By James M. Berklan                                                                   continually interrupting them.
 Every time I need to initiate a                 Nursing professionals are                                                             They covered the window.
 change, there are some members of               further examining a hospital                                                             Observers noted that nurses
 nursing leadership who consistently             project that cut medication-                                                          typically can be interrupted
 whine and moan. Any suggestions?                delivery errors by 88% to                                                             from five to 10 times during

                                                                                                                  Photo: iStockphoto
                                                 learn how it might be repli-                                                          the administration of just one
 How well I understand! Some adults              cated in other settings.                                                              medication.
 who appear to be mature become                     The three-year University of                                                          “Something as simple as
 unknown aliens when their world is              California-San Francisco pro-     Eliminating interruptions can                       changing the process just a
 changed in any way. Try taking them             gram emphasized eliminating       reduce the number of med errors.                    little bit can make a big dif-
 aside, one by one, and discuss this             interruptions during nurses’                                                          ference,” said Celeste Arbis, a
 behavior. Use the most recent situa-            medication passes.                medications and not to be dis-                      registered nurse at San Fran-
 tion to give them specific examples of              While some of the nine         turbed, nurses did everything                       cisco General.
 their most recent behavior and then             San Francisco-area hospitals      from wear bright vests to make                         And that can mean big
 discuss how you had hoped they would            taking part had advanced          announcements at medication                         bucks. Medication errors cost
 embrace the change.                             technology to help them,          delivery time and establishing                      hospitals about $3.5 billion
    If the behavior continues, you need          many of the improvements          “quiet zones.”                                      in unnecessary medical costs,
 to decide how long this staff member            were surprisingly low-tech,          Nurses at San Francisco                          and produce about 400,000
 stays on as part of your leadership             participants pointed out.         General, for example, real-                         preventable injuries each year,
 team. If there is one thing that I know            In an effort to signify to     ized colleagues who could see                       according to the Institute of
 absolutely about long-term care, it is          others they were delivering       them through a window were                          Medicine. ■
 that change is constant.

 I have a nurse who I hired about four
                                                 Docs, nurses behaving badly, report says
 months ago as a new nursing gradu-              By Brett Bakshis                  ments and insults (84.5%) and                       and nurses that affects every
 ate and although she is a nice 
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