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                                                         Inexpensive dressings work
                   Donna Sardina, RN,
                   MHA, WCC
                   President, Wound Care
                   Education Institute
                                                         fine on ulcers, study asserts
                                                         By John O’Connor                                                                         healing by 12 weeks; compared
                                                         At a time when manufacturers                                                             to 58 days and 56.7% for the
 What is wound exudate?                                  are racing to develop newer                                                              control group. By six months,
 Most frequently referred to as wound                    and what sometimes turn out                                                              85% of the silver dressing group
 “drainage,” exudate is a liquid produced                to be more expensive wound                                                               and 77% of the control group

                                                                                                                             Photo: iStockphoto
 by the body in response to tissue dam-                  care treatments, a new study                                                             had a healed ulcer; and by the
 age. It bathes the wound continuously,                  finds that cheaper options                                                               one-year mark, the figures were
 keeping it moist, supplying nutrients,                  might work just as well.                                                                 96% for both groups. Venous
 and providing the best conditions for                      An investigation pub-          Less expensive dressings might                         ulcers are relatively common
 migration of new tissue to heal the                     lished in the October issue       work just as effectively on leg                        among nursing residents.
                                                                                           wounds, a new study finds.
 wound. Open wounds should be moist,                     of the British Journal of Sur-                                                              “Our study clearly shows that
 but not overly moist. A healthy healing                 gery concludes that England                                                              there is no evidence to justify the
 wound should be moist without measur-                   could reduce healthcare costs        There were no significant                           use of the more expensive silver
 able exudate.                                           by millions of dollars by using   differences between the two                            dressings in routine venous leg
                                                         inexpensive dressings to treat    groups when it came to healing                         ulcer care, as they offer no real
 Exudate terminology                                     venous leg ulcers.                rates and quality of life, but the                     clinical advantage or improve-
 • Serous—thin clear watery plasma                          Researchers studied 213 leg    silver dressings were signifi-                         ment in quality of life, but are
 (seen in partial thickness wounds/                      ulcer patients who received       cantly more expensive.                                 significantly more expensive,”
 venous ulcerations). A moderate to                      either standard low-adhesive         Median healing time for the                         said lead researcher Professor
 heavy amount may indicate heavy bacte-                  dressings or antimicrobial        group treated with silver dress-                       Jonathan Michaels from the
 ria level. This is normal in the first phases            silver-donating dressings.        ings was 67 days, with 59.6%                           Sheffield Vascular Institute. ■
 of wound healing.
 • Sanguinous—bloody (fresh bleeding).
 This indicates new blood vessel growth
 or disruption of blood vessels.
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