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    greenhouse gas emissions, emissions reduction targets and risks and opportuni-      paper machines at a greenfield mill in Laibin city, in the Guangxi autonomous
    ties associated with climate change. The CDLI Nordic comprises the top scoring      region, China.
    10% of companies in CDP’s Nordic 200 analysis. High scores indicate good            The firm aims to kick off construction work in January 2010 and to bring the
    internal data management and understanding of climate change related issues         four identical 60,000-tonne/yr PMs on stream by the end of 2010. The cost of
    affecting the company.                                                              the scheme is expected to total RMB 400 million ($58.6 million).
                                                                                        The project is thought to be China’s largest ever investment in paper production
    P R O J E C T S & O P E R AT I O N S                                                using bagasse as the main fiber source. Fed with a mixture of 80% bleached
    Pulpaca paper and pulp complex moving ahead in                                      bagasse pulp and 20% bleached softwood kraft (BSK) pulp, the four PMs will
    Venezuela                                                                           produce printing/writing paper in a basis weight range of 55-150 g/m².
    The Empresa de Producción Social de Pulpa y Papel, CA (EPS Pulpaca) paper
    and pulp complex under construction in Independencia municipality, Anzoátegui       TNPl to boost pulp production at expanding Indian mill
    state, northeastern Venezuela, will end the groundbreaking works by December.       Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers (TNPL) is investing some Rupee 3.1 billion
    EPS Pulpaca line 1 comprises a new 250,000-tonne/yr improved and standard           ($67 million) to set up a new deinking plant and to revamp the power plant
    newsprint PM and a 250,000-tonne/yr bleached chemi-thermomechanical pulp            at its facility in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu.
    (BCTMP) line, which is scheduled to begin operation in the first quarter of 2011.   A spokesman said the company plans to install a 300-tonne/day deinked pulp
    The second phase includes a 200,000-tonne/yr new softwood and hardwood              line, which is expected to go on stream in September 2011. It will also modern-
    pulp unit which will be started up two years later than EPS Pulpaca line 1.         ize and expand the facility’s captive power plant, increasing its output to 83
    The Venezuela government intends to supply the local newsprint market               MW from the present 68 MW by replacing three old boilers with a single high
    as well as neighboring countries. Totally dependent on imports, Venezuela           capacity unit. The power plant revamp is slated for completion by May 2010.
    consumes 100,000 tonnes/yr of newsprint.
                                                                                        MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS
    Guangxi huacheng to erect four printing/writing PMs                                 watermill Group acquires Alsip mill
    in China                                                                            The Watermill Group has announced that it has acquired the Alsip manufactur-
    Guangxi Huacheng Paper has unveiled plans to install four printing/writing          ing facility of the Madison Paper Company from Myllykoski Group. Watermill

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    FEBRUARY 2010
    2-3: PAPTAC Annual Meeting &
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