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									                                                                           Canadian Mennonite November 30, 2009                    9

E In solidarity with Palestinians                           building peace in the world’s oldest conflict.
. . . against ‘Zionist hooligans’                              There are different ways to build peace. Where
                                                            the road to peace is paved with dialogue, consensus-
On Oct. 17, Canadian Mennonite University                   building and conflict-resolution, Mennonites have
(CMU), Winnipeg, hosted “A conversation with                proven themselves very successful peacebuilders. But
Norman Finkelstein” in conjunction with Canadians           Mennonites may still have a few things to learn about
for Peace and Justice in the Middle East, Independent       peacebuilding in situations where one party or another
Jewish Voice and Canada-Palestine Support Network           refuses to deal in good faith.
– Winnipeg. Finkelstein, a noted author and political          The tendency of Zionist supporters of Israel, for ex-
commentator, was speaking on the subject of Israeli         ample, to use accusations of anti-Semitism and other
war crimes in the so-called Gaza “war.” As a found-         methods to intimidate and silence even mild criti-
ing member of the support network and an author of          cism of Israel, is by now an established fact. Indeed,
numerous articles on the Israel-Palestine situation, I      at the Oct. 17 event some young Zionist hooligans,
commend CMU on taking this important step towards           presented with an invitation to sit down and converse

                                    Family Ties
                                                                                         sorrow. Sometimes “the last time” comes

                   The last time                                                         with a sense of relief, with growth or with
                                                                                         pleasure in success. An elder marks his
                                                                                         80th birthday with gratitude and satis-
                                    Melissa Miller                                       faction for a life well lived. The mid-life
                                                                                         woman finds new horizons to explore.
                                               activities and pleasures, like gardening, Young adults mark their maturity by

        ast spring, my mother made the         driving, reading, playing the piano or    making commitments to the church or
        long trip from Pennsylvania to         living independently. Middle-aged adults by getting married. The ending of one
       Winnipeg, to join our family as we      might be aware of things ending in their  stage brings the beginning of another.
celebrated our son’s gradua
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