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									                                        Meet Chef Corey Hayes, executive chef of the
                                         champion Pittsburgh Steelers. By Elliott Kagen Illustra

     36    BOYS’ LIFE F DECEMBER 2009

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ef of the National Football League
Kagen   Illustration by Phill Flanders

                                         DECEMBER 2009 F BOYS’ LIFE     37

        ServingUpSuccess.indd 37                                 10/23/09 8:26 AM
                                                       “The whole team always shows up                                      Food is served cafeteria style with                  Pi
                                                    when my fried chicken and collard                                     a salad bar, entrees, vegetables and                   wh
                                                    greens are on the menu,” Hayes says.                                  desserts. There are also deli meats,                   us
                                                    “In fact, I sometimes see guys who are                                cheeses and “fixin’s” for players to                   of
                                                    supposed to watch their weight con-                                   build their own sandwiches.                            big
                                                    cealing pieces of fried chicken to take                                 Before the Steelers play an away                     sti
                 an you name the stars              to their rooms to eat when none of the                                game, Hayes often serves a meal that
                 of the 2009 Super Bowl             coaches can see what they are doing.”                                 salutes the opponents’ city. He might
                 cha mpion P it t sbu rgh                                                                                 prepare a gourmet shrimp recipe
                 Steelers? Hines Ward,                                                                                    ahead of a game in New Orleans, fish
                 Ben Roethlisberger or                                                                                    tacos when the Steelers are off to San                 su
     Troy Polamalu might come to mind.                 Hayes develops meal plans for the                                  Diego or barbecue when the team will                   St
       But what about Corey Hayes? He’s a           team, orders food and sees that it’s                                  play Dallas or Houston.                                en
     Steelers champ in his own right.               prepared and served right. He and                                       Hayes is also in charge of feeding
       Hayes wins in the kitchen as the             his five-person cooking crew do three                                  the University of                                      se
     team’s executive chef.                         meals on practice days—Monday,                                                                                               ra
                                                    T hursday a nd                                                                                
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