In The Pits by ProQuest


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                                    In The Pits

                                       If you need an emergency snow shelter,
                                       consider the easy-to-make snow pit.

                                               now caves, igloos and quinzees
                                               make snow camping a breeze.
                                                When built properly, they can keep you
                                       30 degrees warmer than the air temperature.
                                          They also take a lot of time to build, and if
                                       it’s getting dark and cold faster than you ex-
                                       pected, time is something you might not have.
                                          In that case, consider an emergency winter
                                       shelter. It won’t be as comfortable as a cave or
                                       igloo, but it can be built in a snap, assuming
                                       you’ve done your homework and are prepared
                                       before you even go into the wild.
                                          If the snow is deep enough, you can build a
                                       snow pit.
                                       • Dig a long, narrow trench at least as long and
                                       wide as you are. Dig with your hands or the
                                       snow shovel you surely brought with you on
                                       this trip. Drinking cups and sliced-in-half milk
                                       jugs make good tools, too.
                                       • If you have a foam sleeping pad, use it to
                                       insulate the floor of your trench.
                                       • Stretch a tarp or ground cloth over the top of
                                       your trench, leaving an opening through which
                                       you can crawl inside.
                                       • Weigh down the edges of your roof with
                                       snow or fallen branches, then cover the whole
                                       thing with several inches of snow. Just as with
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