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Wall Street Meets Its Match


[...] during the October markup of health-reform legislation in the Senate Finance Committee, Cantwell crafted an amendment, modeled on a Washington state program, that would allow states to negotiate with insurance companies on the terms of coverage for those eligible for subsidies and for other citizens buying in. "Maria knows the complex issues pertaining to financial regulatory reform like the back of her hand, and she courageously uses that knowledge to combat the high-pressure lobbying by Wall Street," says Michael Greenberger, a former deputy to Brooksley Born, the Clinton-era regulator who tried to sound alarm bells about derivatives as early as 1998- Born, however, was ostracized by the rest of Clinton's economic team- which included Larry Summers, now the top White House economic official. When Cantwell lost her seat in the 1994 RepubUcan landslide, Glaser offered her the company's top marketing job, soon promoting her to executive vice president.

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									Wall Street Meets Its Match
Robert Kuttner
The American Prospect; Dec 2009; 20, 10; Docstoc
pg. 33

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