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            NTSB: 19 New                                    NEWS IN BRIEF
                                                              Key language from the Ryan White CARE Act protecting first responders
            Measures for                                    potentially exposed to infectious diseases that was accidentally dropped in
                                                            2006 was reinstated in legislation from the Senate HELP Committee … New

            HEMS Safety                                     research suggests the H1N1 virus can still be spread days after a victim no
                                                            longer experiences fever, and is contagious for longer than ordinary flu … An
                                                            Oregon jury found American Medical Response guilty of negligence for not
              The National Transportation Safety
                                                            acting on previous complaints against an employee who sexually assaulted
            Board followed its helicopter EMS hear-
                                                            a woman in an ambulance. The woman received $2.25 million … The Public
            ings earlier this year with 19 new recom-       Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act, introduced in the Senate, would
            mendations for HEMS safety, released in         grant collective bargaining rights to public employees, including EMS workers
            September.                                      … The Obama administration rehired John Howard, who served in the position
              Ten of the recommendations, made to           from 2006–08, as the country’s 9/11 health coordinator … The Kansas
            the FAA, address issues like improved           City (MO) City Council turned its MAST ambulance service over to the fire
            pilot training; collection and analysis of      department … A new iPhone application, “Outbreaks Near Me,” lets users track
            flight, weather and safety data; flight           and report outbreaks of infectious diseases in their communities … A report
            data monitoring; development of low-            from the National Commission on Children and Disasters calls for emergency
            altitude airspace infrastructure; and use       responders to carry medical equipment and supplies for kids … Winter Park
            of dual pilots, autopilots and night vision     (FL) Fire-Rescue received the Garry Briese IAFC Safety Performance Award for
                                                            its role in introducing the ActionSafe interior configuration, codeveloped by
            imaging systems. Two others, made
                                                            Medtec … The IAFC awarded Dallas Fire-Rescue’s wellness-fitness program
            to CMS, urge evaluation of the HEMS
                                                            its 2009 Fire Service Award for Excellence … EMTs and paramedics in Ohio
            reimbursement rate structure and its            will be trained to give H1N1 flu shots and deployed at public clinics … Steel
            relationship to patient transport safety.       from the World Trade Center is available for public memorials and nonprofit
            Two more, to FICEMS, are to address             use by organizations like public-safety agencies; see …
            coordination and integration of heli-           Oklahoma’s Emergency Medical Services Authority is introducing therapeutic
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