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									     2010 ACI Honors and
       Awards Program
               Nominations are open for the annual awards of the Institute

A   CI bestows honors and awards granted by the ACI
    Board of Direction on the recommendation of an
Awards Committee. Designated recipients are invited
                                                            Honorary Member is elected by unanimous vote of the
                                                            ACI Board of Direction.
                                                               Nominees will be judged by the degree to which
to attend the annual spring convention of the Institute     they have attained noteworthy recognition in the
to receive the honors and awards. ACI is seeking            following areas:
nominations for the 2010 awards program. Nomination         ■ Service in any field of endeavor aligned with the
forms are available from ACI’s Web site, www.concrete.         Institute’s objectives;
org/ABOUT/AB-awards.HTM, as downloadable Word               ■ Significant contributions to ACI and/or to the
documents. From the awards homepage, you can choose            concrete industry;
the award form you wish to use to nominate a worthy         ■ Contributions that have benefited their nation; and
individual or organization.                                 ■ Demonstrated positive influence on the industry
   Nominations may be submitted to ACI Headquarters            and adherence to high standards of conduct, ethics,
from any source, including, in most cases, self-               and integrity.
nominations. Please assist ACI in recognizing those            A person elected an Honorary Member will receive a
deserving individuals or organizations. Submit              suitably inscribed certificate and an Honorary Member
your nominations to the attention of Diane Pociask,         lapel pin, which are presented at the spring convention’s
Administrative Assistant, ACI Honors and Awards             Opening Session and Awards Program.
Program, at ACI Headquarters by February 15, 2010.
Nominations for Fellow of the Institute should be           FELLOW OF THE INSTITUTE
submitted to ACI Headquarters by May 30, 2010.                 Fellows of the Institute are nominated by a Fellows
                                                            Nomination Committee (FNC) and elected by the ACI
HONORARY MEMBERSHIP                                         Board of Direction. The FNC meets annually at the ACI
    The Institute recognizes persons of eminence in its     convention to review nominations and develop a slate of
field, and those who perform extraordinary meritorious      recommended nominees for consideration and election
service to the Institute, by conferring on them Honorary    by the ACI Board of Direction.
Membership, ACI’s highest honor.                               Potential candidates may be presented to the FNC for
    The Honorary Membership Committee reviews and           its consideration by a member of the committee, by a
formulates recommendations during their annual meeting      local chapter, by the International Committee, or by
at the ACI spring convention. The committee’s recom-        petition by five cu
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