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Kendall Essay


									Kendall J. Lestrade                                                                  11/1/07

         I believe that I can add to the education mix of any school because of my open
mind. During my high school career, I was involved in so many activities and also did
well academically. In addition, I have a variety of personal interests as well as creativity.
         There are many topics that interest me. These topics include music, science,
mathematics, foreign culture, and just life in general. Science and math are two subjects
that interest me a lot. I love science because it is the study of matter and energy and how
things work. I am especially interested in biology because that is what I would like to
major in when I get to college. Math interests me a lot because I think it’s interesting
how many ways you can play with numbers and variables and use them to solve everyday
problems. I also like to learn new languages. I am fluent in Spanish, but I would also
like to learn French, Italian, and Japanese; maybe even more! Foreign languages always
interested me because I can’t think of anything more interesting than studying abroad,
meeting new people, and seeing new places. There are so many things that one can learn
just from being open to other languages and cultures and going out into the world.
         I am involved in many activities. I was a Boy Scout from the second grade to the
eleventh grade. While there, I enjoyed working on the various merit badges, moving up
in rank, going on numerous weekend, over-night and summer camping trips, and having
fun in the outdoors. I did Karate for many years. I am very talented vocally, so I have
participated in The Ramapo High School Select Chorus, The East Ramapo All-District
Chorus, The Rockland County All-County Chorus throughout my middle and high school
years. I have been employed at McDonald’s Restaurant since the summer of 2006. I work
full- time during summer and and part-time during the school year. At school, I am a
member of The Anime (Japanese cartoon) Club and the Aspira Club. I was recently
chosen as the treasurer of Aspira. In addition, I do community service at the Hi-Tor
Animal Shelter where I walk the dogs and play with the cats. My tenth grade math
teacher recommended me as a tutor for one of her current students, so I do that as part of
my community service. In 2006 I participated in the Costa Rican Exchange Program.
     My involvement in these activities gave me experience and knowledge. I loved the
Costa Rican exchange Program because I made many new friends. My job at
McDonald’s gave me great work experience and also taught me that customer service is
far from easy. Karate taught me self defense as well as concentration. As far as singing
goes, participating in the various concerts helped me to improve my singing and I have
gained a better appreciation for music.
         Finally, my variety of interests and activities would make me a great candidate for
your university. I am a more responsible, open-minded and adventurous person because
of my past experiences. I interact well with everyone so I am able to fit in almost
anywhere. I am very involved in school and deeply rooted in my community.

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