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            e just had to include     encouraging. For example, tra-       technology is a very tough busi-    virtualization – we think that

 W          this category in our
            year-end wrap-up of
 industry innovators – although
                                      ditionally, third-party vendors
                                      that rush to fill a market gap
                                      created by an incomplete prod-
                                                                           ness. And when one is chasing
                                                                           technology that itself is chasing
                                                                           technology, the problem gets a
                                                                                                               several credible security offer-
                                                                                                               ings for virtualized environ-
                                                                                                               ments will emerge.
 the security offerings are new,      uct offering by a major vendor       whole lot worse.                       There is room for more fire-
 immature and, as of yet, poorly      find that the vendor gets its act        There are very few serious       wall/IDS/IPS systems for virtu-
 defined as a market. However,         together eventually, leaving the     players in the virtualiza-          alized data centers. Specialized
 a relative newcomer in this          third party in the lurch.            tion space at the level of the      versions of access control
 space is breaking all of those         While that covers the busi-        hypervisor. At least one of the     systems will join the fray and,
 rules with the first true virtual     ness side, the technologies of       players is rather mature and        of course, to address that open-
 firewall system.                      virtualization are evolving.         its offerings have become the       ing we will need purpose-built
   This approach suggests a lot       That also means challenges to        moving target for its competi-      forensic tools so we can look
 of possibilities, not all of them    third-party companies. Chasing       tors. That allows a third-party     for the big guns in that market,
                                                                              provider to work out the         as well as some boutiques.
                                                                              kinks with the market leader        All of this, of course, will
                                                                              and apply that experience        depend on what happens in the
              There is room for                                               to subsequent offerings.
                                                                              And that is exactly what this
                                                                                                               primary market. Will VMware
                                                                                                               continue to dominate or will an
              more firewall/IDS/                                              year’s selection is doing.
                                                                                Based on a range of events
                                                                                                               upstart sneak in and get a mar-
                                                                                                               ket share? The stage is set, and
              IPS systems for                                                 taking place in the primary
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