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                                                                                                                                   Paul Dunay
                                                                                                                                   Global managing director of services
                                                                                                                                   and social marketing, Avaya

                                                                                                          What should companies look for in candidates
Angela Brown (1)            Johnny Longden (2)        Roberta Haber (3)         Diane Kegley (4)          for social media marketing positions?
: Young & Laramore                                    : RichRelevance                                     : Now that we are beginning to feel          media master in seven and a half years.
has named Angela Brown (1) account                    has hired Diane Kegley (4) as VP marketing.         relief from the economic uncertainty         Throw in the weekends and that drops
supervisor. She will lead the agency’s YMCA           The marketing veteran has 20 years of multi-        that has been hanging around, I hear         to five and a half years. But social media
and Mobi accounts, reporting to principal             channel, media and branding experience              a lot about the invention of some new        hasn’t been around that long. So, since
and director of client services Ann Beriault.         with companies including American Express,          roles inside organizations looking to get    companies can’t hire an expert, here are
Before Y&L, she was account manager and               AOL, CNET, American Airlines, HP, Lockheed          into social media. Typically this means,     four macro competencies candidates
junior director at JWT New York, where she            Martin, and Sprint.                                 “Hire someone who knows our ‘space’          should have:
worked on accounts including Domino’s                                                                     really well and someone who is an expert        First, they should be a gifted storyteller.
Pizza and Nokia.                                      : Merkle                                            in social media.”                            In social media, you need to tell good
                                                      has added Sandeep Kharidhi as analytics                Well, the latter is the hard part. In     stories, stories that people will be attracted
: R/GA London                                         leader, a new position. Kharidhi will oversee       Malcolm Gladwell’s latest book, The          to, identify with and want to share.
has appointed Jonny Longden (2) director,             analytics and marketing strategy for insur-         Outliers, he discusses how long it takes        Next, they need to be able to package
analytics and accountability, to lead and build       ance and wealth management clients. He has          violinists to master their craft. The bot-   the stories up and be able to make them
the growing practice. In this newly created           worked at Acxiom and ChoicePoint.                   tom line was it takes 10,000 hours to        shareable. This means the content can be
role, Longden will provide consultative and                                                               become a master violinist. This got me       found in a variety of media.
analytical services. He will report to manag-         : R2C Group                                         thinking about how it could apply to            Then, they need to know how to reach
ing direcetor Jim Moffatt.                            has promoted Sue Collins to VP of Respond2.         social media and how long it would take      people with their content — in the more
                                                      She will take responsibility for operations at      to become a social media expert.             forms, the better. This means they must
: Sponsorship Group for Public Television             the division including production, post-pro-           If you practice social media on the job   be fluent in many social media sites.
has added Roberta Haber (3) as director               duction, Web development, online produc-            for a few hours a day — let’s say, three        Finally, the hardest part for most peo-
of marketing, corporate sponsorship. In this          tion, creative operations and client services.      hours a day learning more about social       ple is measuring of the effectiveness of
new position, she will oversee both national                                                              media and two hours a day practicing         the media and the efficiency of the story
and local sponsorships. The Sponsorship               : IMC2 Health & Wellness                            social media times five days a week —        being spread. Look for candidates that
Group for Public Television is PBS’s natio
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Description: has named Angela Brown (1) account supervisor. She will lead the agency's YMCA and Mobi accounts, reporting to principal and director of client services Ann Beriault. Before Y&L, she was account manager and junior director at JWT New York, where she worked on accounts including Domino's Pizza and Nokia.
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