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       Long-acting opioid for
       continuous pain relief
       Product: Embeda                   to-severe pain.The patients
       Company: King                     were initially titrated to pain
       Pharmacologic class:              control in an open-label
       Opioid + opioid antagonist        phase using Embeda,then
       Active ingredients: Mor-          randomized to either contin-
       phine sulfate 20 mg,naltrex-      uation with Embeda or              Embeda is designed to reduce the drug’s appeal in the event of tampering.
       one HCl 0.8 mg;extended-          placebo.The mean change in
       release caps.                     the weekly pain assessment         equipment).Paralytic ileus.            tated.Pregnancy (Cat.C).La-
       Indication: Moderate-to-          score from randomization to        During or within 14 days of            bor and delivery,nursing
       severe pain management            the end of the study was sta-      monoamine oxidase in-                  mothers:not recommended.
       when continuous,around-           tistically significantly superi-   hibitors.                              Interactions: See Con-
       the-clock opioid is needed        or for patients using Embeda       Precautions: Ingestion of              traindications.CNS depres-
       for an extended time period.      compared to those given            tampered product may pre-              sion with CNS depressants
       Not for as-needed use.            placebo.                           cipitate withdrawal symp-              (e.g.,antiemetics,pheno-
       Pharmacology: Embeda              Adults: Swallow whole,or           toms in opioid-tolerant;               thiazines,sedatives,hypnotics,
       contains pellets of an            sprinkle pellets on apple-         overdose in opioid-naïve.              muscle relaxants;reduce dose
       extended-release formulation      sauce;do not chew pellets.         100/4 strength for opioid-             of either by half ).Paralytic
       of the opioid analgesic           See literature.Do not give via     tolerant only.Head injury.In-          ileus with anticholinergics.
       morphine surrounding a            nasogastric or gastric tubes.      creased intracranial pressure.         Ma
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