Glow in the Dark Stars by Rosie40


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									Glow in the Dark Stars

 Create your own awesome Universe
    You are just a few
   minutes away from
being able to create your
own amazing stargazing
ceiling using glow in the
        dark stars.
A gift for your space crazy child perhaps?

Imagine being able to create an awesome sparkling
night sky scene in just one afternoon – you could totally
transform their room while they are at school and allow
them to fall asleep that evening beneath a beautiful
universe created by you!!
What an awesome gift they’ll treasure for years….their
friends will be jealous.
•Is your child afraid of the dark? (Nyctophobia)
•Do they dread the lights being turned out?
•Is it costing you a small fortune in batteries, torches and
•Does your child insist on a night light or torch?
•Are you woken in the middle of the night because the
 batteries have run out or the torch has disappeared under
 the sheets?

Why not create a glow in the dark star
 spectacle that will glow from lights
 out and then throughout the night.
• Wouldn’t it be fantastic if
  you actually heard them
  say -
  “Please Mummy – turn the
  lights off so I can see the

 A custom designed starry night created by you could be
 the solution you have been looking for - no more
 batteries, torches taken to pieces, lost lights etc..
Do they wake up in the night with
night terrors or bad dreams?

Do you then spend your own
precious sleep time resettling them

A softly glowing night sky that lasts
throughout the night could soothe them back
to sleep.
For one afternoon of creativity you will be
rewarded with a full nights sleep, night after
       Do you suffer from insomnia?
The amazing cosmic star ceiling could help you gently ease
back into a restful sleep…
…just like camping in the great outdoors but without the bugs
and bears!!
 You will be amazed at how quick and easy it is to create your very own:
                        oglow in the dark stars
                           oshooting stars
                             oMilky Way

  To get your easy to follow step-by-step guide to creating your own
  cosmic star ceiling visit:
 What will you learn?                     • Everything is contained
                                            within the step-by-step guide
What items were needed                     to enable you to create a
  (already had some at home)                Cosmic masterpiece that will
Where to get the few                       truly amaze your child.
  remaining items
  (readily available locally or online)
                                          • It is written in plain and easy
How to set up the room                     to understand steps that can
  prior to starting                         teach you how to create a
Where to begin and in what                 fantastic Cosmic Star Ceiling
 order                                      even if you have no artistic
How to achieve the                         ability what-so-ever or have
  amazing effects                           never picked up a paintbrush
What not to do
                                            in your life before.
 (very important)
                                          • I’m talking paint-by-numbers

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