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									In Revelation 3:21 and chapter 15 verse two we are told that Christ will reward
the overcomer and that those who overcome conquer the “beast”. Unless a
person knows who the beast is it will be impossible to overcome him.

Revelations the 13th. Chapter outlines the career of the “beast” and his identity
so clearly that no one need be in doubt. Because Rev.13:18 mention this
power has a number many have attached this number to some stray dictator or
international figure who has captured momentary world attention. Unless all
the characteristics of this power are considered, speculation on this one verse
will serve no useful purpose.

The beast is described in verses 1 & 2 as having arisen out of the sea, having
ten horns and that the dragon gave him his power his seat and great authority.
Waters in prophecy represent “peoples nations and tongues” Rev.17:15. A
beast a kingdom Dn.7:17 & 23. This beast has ten horns. In both Daniel and
Revelation the ten horns represent the ten kingdoms of Western Europe
(Dan.7:24). We notice that the Dragon is mentioned as giving this power “his
seat”. Rev. chapter 12 pictures the dragon as endeavoring to destroy Christ as
soon as he was born. This was fulfilled by Pagan Rome through its Govenor
King Herod (see Luke 2:1 and Matt. 2:7-8 & 13:16.) The seat of any power is its
capitol. Pagan Rome was to give to “the beast” its headquarters. The beast
power must be a religious power for we are informed “they worship the beast”
Rev.13:4. Rev.14 also has a dire warning against worshiping the beast.

Putting these points of identification together we have this picture –a religious
power of European origin that took over the capitol of Rome. There is only
one power that fits this description and the other specifications in the
prophecy – The Papacy or Roman Catholic Power. If you examine the identity
of the power that “had eyes like the eyes of a man and a mouth speaking great
things” described in the seventh chapter of Daniel with the beast power of
Revelation it will be quickly apparent that they are one and the same. John in
the Revelation has added more details and given developments which we are
now seeing taking place.

Revelation 13th and Dan.7 have these points in common:- the power described
is 1. Blasphemous 2. Persecutor 3. Time of Reign is given. Notice Dan.7:25
alongside Rev.13:5-7.
Christ was charged with blasphemy on two counts:
    1. Claiming He was God. 2. By saying He had power to forgive sins.
        (John10:33 & Luke 5:21). The Papal power claims these two powers.
        From their own statements it can be readily seen that this is so.
Leo 13th. A pope said “We hold upon this earth the place of God Almighty”
From Dogmatic Canon and Decrees” Cannon X.p118 come the following
words, “If anyone saith that the priests . . . . have not the power of binding and
of loosing, or that priests alone are the ministers of absolution (i.e. forgiving of
sins) . . . . let him be ananthema.

Revelation says that this power would blaspheme “God‟s name and His
tabernacle. Jesus when praying to His Father called Him by His name “Holy
Father” John 17:11. This is the very title that the Pope takes. Christ is
revealed in the book of Hebrews as our High Priest (Heb.8:1-2; 9:24), and as
such has offered the sacrifice for ever (Heb.9:25-28;10-12). In the celebration
of the mass all this is lost sight of and the priest becomes all important. “We
are struck with wonder when we find that in obedience to the words of his
priests – Hoc est corpus meum (this is my body) God himself descends on the
altar and . . . . places Himself in their hands. . . . Thus the priest may in a
certain manner be called the creator of His Creator”, Dignity & Duties of the
Priest”, p26-34 Liguori. Each time the mass is celebrated Christ is crucified
anew – so it is stated. In this way it blasphemes Gods tabernacle.

The beast would persecute, he was “to make war with the saints” Rev.13:7 In
the St. Bartholomew massacre in France 70,000 Huguenots were slain with the
full approval & blessing of the church. Over 81,000 were burned alive in the
Spanish inquisition.

At the head of the Papal system is one man the pope. His official title is Vicar
of the Son of God. In latin this is –
V I C A R U I S                     F I L I I        D E I
5+ 1+100+0+ 0+1+5+ 0                0+ 1+50+ 1+1   500+ 0 +1 = 666

The (Bible) Duay or Catholic version, in its footnote under this verse says:
“The numerical of his name shall make up this number. We are all aware that
latin letters have numerical value and it is on this bases that the above is
calculated. The same may be done with the Popes signature Dux Cleri.
D U X              C L E R I
500+5+ 10       100+50+ 0+ 0+ 1 = 666

THIS POWER TO RECEIVE A DEADLY WOUND – Verse 3. For twelve hundred
and sixty days or years it was to reign supreme (see Ezekiel 4:6 and Rev. 13:5)
In a Bible month there are 30 days. 42 x 30 = 1260 Days. Papal supremacy
began in 538AD and ended 1260 years later when the Pope was taken captive
by General Berthier under orders from Napoleon and died in exile. Many
proclaimed that the Papacy was destroyed forever. However the prophecy
declares differently.

His Deadly Wound was to be healed “and all the world wondered after the
beast”. This restoration began in 1929 when Mussolini signed a pact with the
papacy. This event was written of in these words by the Catholic Advocate:
“A crowd tense with excitement is here to witness passage of these two men
whose pens will heal a wound of fifty-nine years”. The San Francisco
Chronicle of 12:2:29 said the signing was “healing the wound which has
festered since 1780”. No one needs to be reminded that to-day the wound no
longer exists and that all the world is making a path to the door of Rome.
Protestants have almost lost their protest and are being wooed into the fold

Prophecy forecasts trouble ahead for those who would follow the Word of
God. (Rev.13:15-17). Her „Mark‟ is to be enforced. In Revelation God‟s seal or
sign is in opposition to the Papal Mark. God tells us His sign is the Sabbath
(Ex.31:17 & Ezek.20:12,20). The Church of Rome clearly states that the mark of
her authority is seen in her power to change the day of worship from the
seventh day of the week to the first day of the week, without Biblical support.
When Sunday worship is enforced by law again, those who knowingly worship
contrary to God‟s plain command will receive “the mark of the beast” and the
wrath of God Rev. 14:9-10.

Let us determine that we will obey God now and receive His seal and thus gain
the victory over Satan‟s counterfeit system.

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