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									                                Few notes on music instruments
Music is an art which is produced by either plucking or beating. These instruments are very fragile and
needs to be handled carefully. If you are a beginner then take guidance from your teacher before buying
the instrument. Another important factor while buying the instrument from the shop is requesting the
sales man to play the instrument. If he refuses to play then never buy from that shop. These instruments
are worth investing for lifetime. It is only worth when you buy a good quality instrument. The price of
this instrument varies depending upon their features. Now you can buy the instrument from online. You
can always opt for the second hand instrument if your budget is really very tight. Before buying ask the
reason for selling. Few notes on drums and guitars are listed below:


One of the important instruments in music art is the drums. It is said that the drums are being played
from a long time. These are played with hand or stick. You can find many varieties of drums in the
market. They are electronic drum, acoustic drum etc… The beginner set contains five pieces. You can
add more pieces once you are major in this art.

Acoustic drums:

         This needs regular tuning and cleaning. These are very loud and needs a sound proof door for
         practicing. These are generally used for stage show. If not well kept there is a chance of getting
         damage and the maintenance of this is pretty high. The sounds cannot be adjusted. These are
         cheaper than other drum sets. The drum head is made out of plastic here. You can adjust the
         sound even if the plastic head is worn out a little.

Electronic drums:

         The drum head of this drum is made out of rubber. Once the rubber is worn out there is no
         choice but to replace the instrument. The sound produce by this worn rubber will also sound
       different. These are lot more expensive than others. You can adjust the volume of this set
       manually. The maintenance of this is very less.


These instruments are plucked with hand or with pick. These are brought according to the comfort and
height of a person. These instruments are divided into many categories.

    Acoustic guitar:

       Generally you find steel strings over here. These are heavy than other because it produces more
       tension. So it needs heavier wood for balancing. These are generally used in country or folk
       music. These doesn’t have amplifier but can be attached. The sound produces here are for a
       small audience.

    Electronic guitar:

       In this the vibration is converted into electric current. The volume of this is really very low. This
       requires amplifier for loud sound. These are seen in pop and rock music.

    Classical guitar:

       It is other wise known as Spanish guitar. These have nylon instead of steel. These are loud
       enough that they don’t need amplifiers. They are used in Latin and classical music.

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