ITS �New Service request� form by Yearoveryear


									        ITS Service Request Form
        Version 1.0

This form is to be used to request IT resources for body of work relating to some facet of the IT
infrastructure. This form is to be used when the requested service or device is not currently provided
by our standard portfolio of services.

Please complete this form in order be begin the process of scoping, prioritizing, acceptance and
scheduling of your request. This request will be reviewed within five days to determine if the if this
request exceeds five working days of effort. Referred to as 5 in 5. If this form exceeds effort beyond
five days it will be referred to a full project scoping exercise and ELT prioritization

Requester Information

Name:                                                   Leader Name:

Department/School:                                      Received Date:

Request Date:                                           Request Completion Date:

Request Details

Does this service currently exist?
Yes    No

Is this service request for:
New       Upgrade      Change     Cabling     Renovation     Consultation

Does this service interact with any part of the IT infrastructure at Fleming?
Yes    No

Who will use this service?
Staff    Students      Admin         Public   Other

Category of Request:
Software      Hardware       Configuration
Please fully detail the request

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Directors Checklist (IT use only)

                                                           Website updated:
Request number(year +#):
                                                           Training available:
Request received date:
                                                           First available resource:
Review compete data:
                                                           SOW complete and signed off:
Estimated number of work days to complete:
                                                           Functionality not available currently:
Hardware costs:
                                                           Fit with Fleming:
Licensing costs:
                                                           Knowledge base updated:
Standards based:
                                                           Is there Fleming support requirements for this
Supportable:                                               product?

Support catalogue updated:
                                                           The scope needs ELT approval

Recommendations                                       Reviewed by
Accepted:      Escalated:
                                                      Jason Orchard :
Approved and Scheduled:                               George MacDougall:
                                                      Jim Angel:

Technology review session:

Alternative solution:


Budget Information

Is there budget for this requested service?

Are there staffing implications because of this request?

Is this a capital item (over $1000.00)?                    If yes, what is the Capital approval number?
Yes      No

Vendor Contact:

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