Persuasive Speech Brainstorming Template by BrittanyGibbons

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									Persuasive Speech Brainstorming Template

What is our Purpose? What is our Role? What is the Form?
1. Define the purpose of our task.           2. What form will this presentation take? Are
                                             there time limits or other types of restrictions?

Who is our Audience?
3. Describe the audience for this presentation.   4. How does knowing our audience help shape
                                                  this presentation?

What are our Main Points? What are our Information Needs?
5. Break down the specific purpose of the       6. What are our information needs?
presentation by listing our main points or
identifying our claim and evidence. Lead with a
strong point.

Where will we find our information? What will we do with our information?
7. Where will we find our information?         8. What will we do with our information?

Pause and Take Stock of Where We Are…
9. Evaluate what has been done.                   10. Troubleshoot, and consider alternatives.
Persuasive Speech Template

Topic/Guiding Question:


Hook? Lead?

Introduction I: Background Information/Context (Exordium, Narratio)

Introduction II: Statement of Topic Issue/Question

Introduction III: Alternative Theories/Positions

Introduction IV: Thesis Statement (Divisio)

  Body I: Topic Sentence (Confirmatio)

  Body I: Supporting Evidence

  Body I: Identification of Significance

  Body I: Transition to Body II

    Body II: Topic Sentence

    Body II: Supporting Evidence

    Body II: Identification of Significance

    Body II: Transition to Body III

      Body III: Topic Sentence

      Body III: Supporting Evidence

      Body III: Identification of Significance

  Body IV: Rubuttal (Confutatio)

        Conclusion I: Main Conclusion (Peroratio)

        Conclusion II: Thesis Restatement/Paraphrase (Enumeratio)

        Conclusion III: Implications or Further Questions (Affectus)

                                  LOGOS            PATHOS       ETHOS

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