GUILFORD TECHNICAL COMMUNITY COLLEGE
                                       MANAGEMENT MANUAL

                                           TABLE OF CONTENTS


Purpose of the Manual
College Mission
College Values
Institutional Goals



Board of Trustees
Organizational Structure
Organizational Charts
Councils and Committees


 I. Use of Facilities and Grounds

        1.000   Campus Police Authority and Responsibility to Report Criminal Activity
        1.010   Accidents/Safety
        1.015   Sexual Assault Response and Reporting
        1.020   Alcohol or Controlled Substance Use
        1.040   Parking
        1.050   Tobacco Use
        1.060   Solicitation on Campus
        1.061   Free Speech and Public Assembly
        1.070   Speakers, Non-Classroom Guest
        1.090   Use of Facilities by College-Affiliated & Outside Groups
        1.091   Lake and Shore Use
        1.092   Skateboarding and Other Conveyances
        1.100   Naming of Facilities
        1.110   Public Complaint Policy

  II.   Policies Affecting the Delivery of Programs

II-1.   The Instructional Process

        1.010   Academic Freedom and Responsibility
        1.030   Outcomes-Based Education
        1.040   Extension Programs Offered to Captive or Co-opted Groups
        1.050   Financial Aid, Coordination of
        1.060   Graduation
        1.070   Program and Service Review
        1.080   Annual Program and Service Area Planning

II-2.   Other Campus Issues

Table of Contents                                                                        Page i
         2.000    Code of Ethics
         2.010    Advertising, External
         2.020    Board Policy Development and Review
         2.030    Intellectual Property
         2.031    Copyright
         2.032    Identity Theft Prevention Program
         2.034    Personal Information Protection Policy
         2.035    Telecommunications
         2.0351   Internet Acceptable Use Policy
         2.0353   Telephone Use
         2.0354   Use of Private Information
         2.0355   Information Security and Confidentiality Policy
         2.040    Disease, Infectious or Communicable
         2.042    Tuition and Fees
         2.043    Fees, User and Patron
         2.045    Fundraising
         2.050    Internal Audit Plan for Continuing Education
         2.060    Investment
         2.070    Marketing, Public Information
         2.080    Open Records
         2.090    Children on Campus
         2.091    Pets on Campus
         2.100    Returned Checks
         2.105    Self-Supporting Classes
         2.110    Weather, Inclement
         2.115    Sponsorship of Individuals to Attend Community Events

  III.   Policies Affecting Student Life

III-1.   Academic Issues

         1.010    Admissions
         1.011    Appeal of Denial of Admission or Readmission
         1.012    Resident Classification for Tuition Purposes (In State/Out of State)
         1.020    Evaluation
         1.021    Grading and Quality Point System
         1.022    Minimum Grade Point Average Policy
         1.023    Forgiveness Policy for Previously Earned Credits
         1.024    Repeating a Course
         1.030    Honor Roll(s)

III-1.04 Academic Difficulties

         1.041    Attendance
         1.042    Early Alert
         1.043    Withdrawal
         1.044    Probation, Suspension, and Appeal of Suspension in Health Programs
         1.045    Probation and Suspension in Non-Health Program
         1.046    Readmission
         1.050    Advanced Standing
         1.051    Maximum Course Load
         1.060    Off Campus Experiential Learning
         1.061    Health Program Student Screening Requirements
         1.070    Graduate Guarantee
         1.080    Disability Access

Table of Contents                                                                        Page ii
Table of Contents   Page iii
III-2.    Non-Academic Issues

          2.010   Student Conduct
          2.013   Student Grievance
          2.014   Sexual Harassment (Refer to Policy IV-4.070)
          2.020   Dress Code
          2.030   Freedom of Expression
          2.040   Housing
          2.050   Part-time Campus Employment for Students
          2.060   Right to Privacy

    III-2.070     Student Travel

          2.071   Student Government Association Sponsored Travel
          2.072   Class Field Trips
          2.080   Tuition and Fees Refund
          2.081   Tuition and Fees Deferment
          2.090   Use of Human Subjects

  IV. Policies Affecting Employees

IV-1.00       Policies Affecting Employees

          1.001   Inconsistent Publications
          1.010   Conflict of Interest
          1.020   Employment
          1.021   Classification of Positions
          1.022   Change in Employment Status
          1.023   Equal Opportunity
          1.024   Initial Probationary Employment
          1.025   Background Checks
          1.026   Employment Preference for Veterans and Their Spouses or Surviving Spouses
          1.030   Employment Agreements
          1.031   Nontenure
          1.040   Nepotism

IV-1.050     Separation

          1.051   Non-Renewal
          1.052   Disciplinary Action Including Termination
          1.053   Due Process for Employment Termination
          1.054   Reduction in Force
          1.055   Furloughs
          1.060   Outside/Dual Employment
          1.070   Volunteers

IV-2.00      Compensation: Pay and Benefits

          2.010   Holidays, Official
          2.020   Pay
          2.021   Overtime Pay
          2.022   Substitute Compensation
          2.023   Longevity Pay
          2.030   Professional Development
          2.040   Vehicle Use and Mileage Reimbursement

Table of Contents                                                                             Page iv
          2.050   Other Benefits
IV-3.   Leave

        3.010   Annual Leave
        3.020   Bereavement Leave
        3.030   Court Attendance, Required
        3.040   Educational Leave with Pay
        3.050   Family and Medical Leave Act
        3.060   Military and National Emergency Leave
        3.070   Sick Leave
        3.071   Voluntary Shared Leave
        3.080   Leave Without Pay
        3.090   Educational Assistance

IV-4.     Conditions of Work

        4.010   Dress
        4.020   Drug-Free Workplace
        4.030   Employee Grievance
        4.040   Employee Performance Appraisals
        4.050   Personnel Records, Access to
        4.060   Political Activities of Employees
        4.070   Anti-Harassment Policy
        4.071   Workplace Anti-Violence
        4.080   Work Schedules, Non Faculty
        4.081   Work Schedules, Faculty
        4.100   Faculty Titles
        4.110   Reporting Fraud and Improper Activities
        4.120   Laptops, Use of


Aircraft in GTCC Hanger
Budget Adjustments for Vacant Permanent Positions
Building Access Procedures
Campus Theft
Cash Receipts
Classroom Breaks
College Petitions By Employees and Students
College Publications
Computer and Computer-Related Equipment Acquisition and Replacement Procedures
Computer Use and Repair
Culinary Technology Catering
Curriculum Faculty Credentials
Emergency Procedures
Employee of the Month Award Procedures
Equipment Maintenance
Evacuations for Persons with Disabilities
External Grants: Development of Proposals and Management of Projects
Eye Protection Devices Required
Faculty Employment Contract
Fair Labor Standards Act Compliance
Honoraria, Gifts, Gratuities/Surplus Property
Identification Badges for Employees
Internet Server Administration

Table of Contents                                                                Page v
Library Borrowing Privileges, Faculty and Staff
Lost and Found Procedures
Mail System
Master College Documents
Media Technologies Equipment Procedures
Notices, Display of
Overtime Provisions
Payments and Tax Reporting for Non-Citizens
Payments to Independent Contractors
Payroll Direct Deposit Guidelines
Pell Grant Disbursement
President's Awards for Outstanding Service-Innovation
Response to External Reporting Requests
Retirement Celebrations
Salary for Credit Education
Salary Increments to College Personnel
Schedule Adjustment Period for Curriculum Classes
Selling/Disposition of Desk, Review, Sample and Complimentary Instructional
Software Use Permission Statement
Student Coding
Student Concurrent Enrollment Procedures
Student Role in Institutional Decision Making
Travel Reimbursement Procedures
Use of College Vehicles
Web Pages
Worker's Compensation


Admissions Applications (2/09)*
Admission Gifted-Mature Students (6/05)*
Advanced Standing Certificate*
Annual Leave Request (11/04)
Annual Reporting of Secondary Employment, Self-Employment and Affiliations
(6/02, see IV-1.010 Conflict Interest)*
Appeal from Academic Suspension (6/97)*
Campus Activity Reservation Form*
Campus Maps*
Jamestown Campus
Aviation Center
Greensboro Campus
High Point Campus
Cascading Computer Request*
Cash Receipt Book Request Form*
Consent to Release Student Information (3/09)*
Course Approval & Instructor Contract (4/04)*
Daily Local Travel Log*
Deportment Charge Form (2/07/02)*
Drug Test Result Notification (11/26/01)
Employee of the Month Nomination Form (2/09)*
Employee Performance Appraisal (2/09)*
Employee Time Record Sheet (4/07)
Employer’s Report of Injury to Employee
Equipment Transfer Request (8/05)*
Field Trip Request (4/18/96)

Table of Contents                                                             Page vi
Finder’s Claim Form for Found Items (11/01)*
Fund Authority Form*
Grant Development Request (3/31/04)*
Indemnity Agreement*
Instructional Technologies Production/Services Request*
Model Release Form (9/11/06)*
Noncash Gift Acceptance Form*
Part-time Employee Separation Form (6/01)*
Patron Fee for Auto Body Materials (8/04)*
Personnel Action Form (7/07)
Petty Cash Form*
President’s Award Nomination*
Professional Development Activities Record*
Professional Development Funding Application*
Professional Service Agreement*
Public School Release
Request for Off Campus Equipment Repair*
Request for Usage of Equipment Off Campus*
Request for User Setup-Colleague/Datatel*
Registration Form, Basic Skills (2/95)
Retirement Form (5/05)*
Sick Leave Request (11/04)
Solicitation Request/Authorization Form (1/29/02)*
Student Grievance (9/26/06)*
Student Grievance Response (12/03)*
Student Membership Verification Continuing Education (7/26/01)*
Student Membership Verification Curriculum (7/26/01)*
Student Verification (SMV) Basic skills (8/24/01)*
Supervisor Feedback Form (12/03)*
Supervisor’s Accident Report Form (1/02)*
Titan Café Function Sheet (8/02)*
Travel Request Form (7/95)
Travel Reimbursement Form*
Tuition Status Change Request
Vendor Registration Form*
Visitation Report for Continuing Education Classes*
Voluntary Shared Leave (VSL) Request (3/05)*
Volunteer Assignment of Risk and Release of Liability (1/05)*
Volunteer Assumption of Risk and Release of Liability form/Observatory (1/05)*
W4 (2009)*
Waiver of Pre-Tax Premiums Under the Flexible Benefits Plan*
Web Page Submission Form, Internal (11/03)*
Web Page Submission Form, Internal, GTCC Sponsored (11/03)*
Withdrawal from College*
Withdrawal Request, Continuing Education

*form available on the network at h:\home\management manual\forms

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