Inventory Justification Template by BrittanyGibbons


									                                Department of the Interior
                     FY 2007 FAIR Act Inventory Justification Template

Function Code:                                          Function Code Title:
Position Title:
   Duty Location:
Job Series:                            Job Series Title:

                          Inherently Governmental (IG):
           Category:                   or
    (choose only one)
                        Commercial Reason Code A (CA):
*Number FTE to be justified:
*NOTE: OMB allows for the reporting of fractional FTE in the inventory in fractions no smaller than one-
JUSTIFICATION: (Cell will expand as information is added. Use as much space as necessary to justify

Inherently Governmental Activities                                              Commercial Reason Code A Activities
An agency shall base inherently governmental justifications on the              A commercial activity unsuitable for competition. Sufficient written
following criteria:                                                             justification shall be provided for reason code A FTE.

      1.    Binding the United States to take or not to take some action        Examples of reason code A activities:
            by contract, policy, regulation, authorization, order or                  1.    Function requires specialized expertise of agency systems
            otherwise;                                                                      and procedures unique to the public sector or only limited
      2.    Determining, protecting, and advancing economic, political,                     available in the private sector.
            territorial, property, or other interests by military or                  2.    Agency requires a sufficient number of trained and
            diplomatic action, civil or criminal judicial proceedings,                      experienced staff with historical knowledge to ensure
            contract management, or otherwise;                                              continual performance of a core function.
      3.    Significantly affecting the life, liberty, or property of private         3.    Agency has set aside FTEs for employment of physically and
            persons; or                                                                     or mentally challenged individuals.
      4.    Exerting ultimate control over the acquisition, use, or                   4.    Function is performed by a student intern as part of
            disposition of United States property (real or personal,                        formalized program for federal recruitment.
            tangible or intangible), including establishing policies or
            procedures for the collection, control, or disbursement of
            appropriated and other federal funds.

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