Gulf Oil Spill – Just an Accident or Something Obama Did? by PanamaLaw


									Gulf Oil Spill – Just an Accident or
Something Obama Did?
Executive Summary – We see the oil spill having devastating effects on people, homes, businesses and
wildlife. Obama has refused help and assistance from twelve different nations offering ships, crews and
other methodologies to assist in the cleanup. Obama refuses them all. He is refusing help from the private
sector. The decoagulants they are using are probably more toxic than the oil. Obama does nothing except
flap his lips.

Obama Days Before the Spill – Days before the spill Obama did a 180 on his anti offshore oil drilling and
suddenly approves it. Hmmm.

Goldman Sachs – They short sold TransOcean stock days before the spill. Selling short means you gain if
the stock prices go down. TransOcean owns the Deepwater Horizon Rig which got the explosions causing
damage. Their stock plummeted and Goldman Sachs did very well. It gets better. Goldman Sachs also sold
4.8 million shares of BP worth $250,000,000, 44% of their BP holdings. This helped them take massive
losses as the BP stock fell sharply after the spill. Curious they did not sell it all?? Goldman Sachs was the
largest contributor to the Obama campaign giving some $700,000. Many former Goldman employees now
work for Obama. Peter Sutherland worked as the Chairman of Goldman Sachs. He was also chairman of
BP until last year. He is currently on the board of directors for BP and Goldman Sachs. This is called an
interlocking directorship.

Tony Hayward – The CEO of BP sold 223,288 shares of BP stock worth over $2,000,000 a few weeks
before the BP oil spill. What a good market trader he is.

Halliburton – Yes the Dick Chaney company acquired Boots and Coots a few days before the explosion.
This company does blowout prevention and are one of two companies working on the BP blowout in a big
way. Halliburton scores big. Great timing huh.

TransOcean – They took out a $560,000,000 insurance policy on the Deepwater Horizon Rig. This is an
amount that is in excess of the real value. They pay out $200,000,000 to the survivors and then clear the
rest. I guess the insurance company can go take a long walk on a short pier.

Summary – Well this is just another 9/11. Bush did 9/11 and now Obama gets his chance to hurt the
American people and land. He must be so happy with himself and oh his muslim friends will be cheering
him on. There is a soft explanation. That is he wants to show that oil is bad so he created a spill through
planned negligence and/or sabotage. This lets him go for escalating oil prices, pushes his garbage cap and
trade and hurts America and the used to be free world too.

The other explanation is more sinister. Obama has to know time is short. Restore America Plan has the
military. Nonsense you say. I say they are still free after months of claiming this and serving all 50
governors, so nonsense back to you I say. Stop thinking and saying the de facto evil government is too
strong to come down. All you do is help them that way. Start talking about RAP and saying the end of the
evil empire is around the corner and see how many people will give their support.

Negative thinkers are doomed. But objectively RAP is real and a big bad threat to the Obama gang. The
birth certificate debacle has gone way too viral and out of control for Obama and them to contain it. It is
possible that Obama is throwing a destructive monkey wrench into the USA to make the new restored
Republic have a very hard time of it after the oil spill. He will leave it to them to deal with the 20-40
million people who will need to be displaced. The idea is to cripple the country so the new republic fails
and they can move back in someday.

Don't ever think they are not evil and nasty enough to do such a thing because they enjoy such things.
Makes them feel powerful. In any event the spill and all of its ramifications are real. Doom and gloom until
they are unseated and the Republic restored.

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