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									                                    Examining the Nature of Technology Graduate
76                                  Education
The Journal of Technology Studies

                                    Nathan Hartman, Marvin Sarapin, Gary Bertoline, and Susan Sarapin

                                    Introduction                                          of a technology department or college should be
                                          According to the Association of Technology,     to further develop graduate education in fulfill-
                                    Management, and Applied Engineering                   ment of this vision.
                                    (ATMAE), graduate-level studies in technology
                                    are designed to prepare technologists to focus on          Presently at the authors’ institution, the
                                    the applied challenges of society, industry, and      COT is going through a process of implement-
                                    government through integration- and implemen-         ing individual master’s degrees in the academic
                                    tation-oriented activities (2009). Although the       areas of each technology department in the col-
                                    association’s affiliated institutions and member-     lege while continuing to deliver the Ph.D. in
                                    ship have been interested in research and gradu-      Technology at the college level. Such work has
                                    ate education for many years, increased discus-       caused the technology graduate faculty to (a)
                                    sion is needed concerning both the goals and          formulate the role of graduate education within
                                    delivery of graduate programs leading to mas-         the context of the larger university community,
                                    ter’s and doctoral degrees related to the field for   and (b) articulate how graduate education in
                                    the 21st century. Many of the academic partici-       technology may differ from that of the other col-
                                    pants in this organization, as well as others,        leges and schools in the academy. While the
                                    work at universities that include a College of        authors acknowledge that the depth and breadth
                                    Technology (COT) or similar department-level          of implementation of the suggested research
                                    entity associated with applied engineering, man-      activities in this article will vary among institu-
                                    agement, or industrial technology. Many of these      tions, it is hoped that any technology-based
                                    organizations are currently examining their           department or college could generalize this
                                    research and engagement efforts in light of the       approach to advance graduate education at its
                                    currently shrinking state and federal budgets and     institution.
                                    an increasing demand on the part of faculty and
                                    students for resources to conduct research. As             The purpose of this paper is twofold. This
                                    such, these institutions are exploring ways to        work presents a general discussion of the theo-
                                    align strategic plans with university, state, and     retical foundation for graduate education in
                                    federal objectives. They are trying to engage         technology followed by specific applications of
                                    industry in a manner that provides value to both      research activities within graduate education in
                                    parties. All of this is taking place in an environ-   technology. This paper represents the authors’
                                    ment where future funding streams and organi-         view of the role of graduate education in (a)
                                    zational infrastructures are uncertain. In order to   advancing the knowledge base, (b) adapting a
                                    promote confidence in the academic research           research paradigm, (c) preparing the future
                                    agenda of technology-based programs, a clear          Technology faculty, (d) capitalizing on the
                                    vision for research and engagement efforts in         research interests of the faculty, (e) addressing
                                    technology disciplines is necessary.                  industry’s challenges in implementing and
                                                                                          adapting technology, and (f) structuring graduate
                                         The authors advocate a definition of             education in technology.
                                    research activity and strategy that includes tradi-
                                                                                          Advancing the Knowledge Base
                                    tional funding sources for research,
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