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The Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) runs a scholarship program for dependents of Active, Reserve, Guard, and retired servicemembers; the appUcation period for the 2010-201 1 school year begins Nov. 1. A $200 product, standard PowerPrep includes more than 1 1 hours of video training, 40 hours of student participation, 120 instructor video lessons, 122 question/answer movies, and other features, all on either DVD or CD.

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									     HEADS UP
                      Elizabeth h. manning • senior editor, The officer

         2010 DeCA Scholarship Season Opens Soon. The De-                  Like Airplanes, History, and Have a Little Time? The
     fense Commissary Agency (DeCA) runs a scholarship pro-            heritage-activities branch of Air Force Material Command
     gram for dependents of Active, Reserve, Guard, and retired        (AFMC) has jobs for volunteers ranging from greeting visi-
     servicemembers; the application period for the 2010–2011          tors at a museum to restoring aircraft. Wright-Patterson Air
     school year begins Nov. 1. At least one $1,500 scholarship        Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, houses the National Museum
     will be awarded per commissary location, with more possible       of the United States Air Force, but AFMC has field muse-
     according to need and funding. Manufacturers and suppliers        ums, heritage centers, airparks, and historical holdings on
     of DeCA products pay the majority of the Scholarships for         11 bases, each of which welcomes volunteers. There’s the
     Military Children program. The Fisher House Foundation,           Flight Test Museum at Edwards AFB, Calif.; the Air Arma-
     which provides family housing and support near military           ment Museum at Eglin AFB, Fla.; the Aerospace Museum at
     medical centers, is underwriting its administration. To apply     Hill AFB, Utah, and more. You might guide student groups
     for the scholarship, you must have at least a 3.0 grade aver-     through the basics of flight or talk about an aerospace career.
     age and plan to be enrolled full time as an undergraduate. An     If background work is your preference, you could help or-
     exceptional essay, volunteer work, and extracurricular activi-    ganize collections or pitch in at a reference library. To learn
     ties will help your application stand out, said the scholarship   more, contact Laura Romesburg at 937-257-3279.
     manager’s president, Bernard Cotė. Schools of 2009 recipi-
     ents ranged from Yale University to Austin Community                 Queensryche Returns to Troops for Music Video Help.
     College. For more information, see       Look for a music video soon that will feature photos of ser-
                                                                       vicemembers and their families. Seattle rock/metal band
         And to Get New Undergrads Ready... The at-home                Queensryche recently followed up on its “American Soldier”
     learning company eKnowledge offers to servicemembers’             album with a call for troops of all ages and ranks to send
     children a free copy of its PowerPrep Program to prepare for      them their photos. They’ll select several for a video they’re
     SAT and ACT college-entrance tests. You pay only shipping.        making of “Home Again,” a ballad duet featuring lead singer
     A $200 product, standard PowerPrep includes more than 11          Ge
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