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									  Pork Politics and DoD
  Defense piggy bank gets White House and media scrutiny.

             ne man’s defense project is another man’s pork. Bil-    the other programs. In addition, it included money for ad-
             lions of dollars worth of new ships, planes, helicop-   ditional F-18 Hornet fighters and the Tanker Replacement
             ters, and armored vehicles were included in the new     Transfer Fund.
  House Appropriations bill (H.R.3326) by members of Con-
  gress, hardware that Secretary of Defense Robert Gates had         Earmarks in the News
  said was unnecessary.                                                  Whereas the administration called attention to $2 billion,
     Like a hungry pack of hyenas, members of the media              The Washington Post reported that unwanted equipment in
  jumped into the fray ready to devour conjectured earmarks          the military spending bill had a price tag of at least $6.9 bil-
  included in the $636 billion Defense Appropriations bill by        lion in earmarks. This is just over 1 percent of the value of the
  appropriators. Aroused by a threatened presidential veto,          bill. The Senate debated its defense spending bill in Septem-
  correspondents tore into the legislative language, sniffing out    ber, cautioned by the attention that the House bill drew.
  misapplied dollars.                                                    Publicized was an amendment by Rep. Jeff Flake (R–
     In a Statement of Administrative Policy issued before the       Ariz.) that would have stripped 549 earmarks worth $2.7
  House started its floor debate on defense appropriations,          billion from the defense appropriations bill, which failed
  President Barack Obama, while supportive of defense legisla-       to pass. Politico reported that Rep. Flake challenged ear-
  tion, laid down an unambiguous veto threat over fiscally ir-       marks by Reps. Murtha, Norm Dicks (D–Wash.), Bill Young
  responsible provisions included in the bill. “The administra-      (R–Fla.), Jeff Miller (R–Fla.), Jim Moran (D–Va.) and Alan
                                                                     Mollohan (D–W.Va.), among others, valued at more than
  tion urges the Congress to support the president’s initiatives
                                                                     $225 million.
  to terminate or reduce programs that fund narrowly focused
                                                                         Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (R–Fla.) was criticized
  activities, duplicate existing programs, or that have outlived
                                                                     for securing $4.5 million for a General Dynamics high-
  their usefulness,” said the statement.
                                                                     tech military radio system. She defended the request since
     The White House threatened to veto the defense spend-
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