CDHA collaborates on National Competencies for your profession

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					CDHA collaborates on National
Competencies for your profession
    CDHA worked with a consortium that included the Federa-
tion of Dental Hygiene Regulatory Authorities, National Dental     Learn by accessing CDHA’s live
Hygiene Certification Board, DHEC, and the Commission on             interactive online sessions
Dental Accreditation, and taking a leadership role in the
development of National Competencies for the dental hygiene
profession. We believe these competencies are the basis
for excellence in dental hygiene education and practice.
What are the National Competencies?
   The National Competencies are used to describe the
essential knowledge, skills and attitudes important for the
practice of a profession; in this particular document these
competencies describe the foundation necessary for entry
into the dental hygiene profession in Canada. They support
the dental hygiene process of care by more clearly articulating
the abilities inherent in the assessment, diagnosis, planning,
implementation and evaluation of dental hygiene services.
Why do we need national dental hygiene competencies?
   These competencies were developed to provide one
national standard for Canadian dental hygiene education,
accreditation, examination and regulation.
                                                                  NEW CDHA WEBINAR series
   CDHA will host an educator’s forum and webinars in                 Professional development
the fall/winter of 2009 to assist with the implementation of           coming to you this fall!
the National Competencies. Stay tuned for more information.

                                                                  Connect with knowledgeable experts
                                                                  in the field of dental hygiene on hot
CDHA creates vision and leadership                                topics that are current and relevant to
                                                                  you for your practice
in dental hygiene research
    CDHA unveiled a new report that examines the existing re-
                                                                  Listen, learn and share thoughts and
search capacity of the dental hygiene profession. The report
also outlines opportunities for future knowledge crea
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