RECOMMENDATION FORM Lower School Name For Grade The above by yoursovain


									                                      RECOMMENDATION FORM
                                           Lower School

Name                                                                 For Grade               20

The above named student is being considered for admission to The International School of Minnesota.
The Admissions Committee will appreciate the information requested, as it would be invaluable in our
evaluation of this applicant. A completely candid evaluation will serve the best interests of the student,
the applicant’s family, and The School. The information provided on this form will be used for
admissions purposes only and will NOT be a part of the student’s permanent file.

How long have you known the student and in what capacity?

Please comment on the following:

Academic ability

Personal strengths

Approach to structured activities

Approach to unstructured activities

Large and small group behaviors

Response to adult authority

Relationships with peers, teachers, and other adults

Special interests
Has the student been the subject of major disciplinary action? If yes, please explain the circumstances.
Please check the characteristics which apply to the student:

                 _ is well motivated                         _ takes initiative

                 _ follows directions                        _ accepts responsibility

                 _ shows concern for others                  _ is sought out by classmates

                 _ exhibits positive leadership              _ is well organized

                 _ works accurately                          _ manages time will

                 _ is well mannered                          _ understands concepts

                 _ is creative                               _ participates in discussions

                 _ exhibits self-confidence                  _ is involved in class activities

                 _ demonstrates emotional stability

Taking into consideration effort and achievement, how would you rate the student?

_______Superior         _______Very Good          _______Good        _______Fair             _______Poor

Additional observations/comments:

Thank you for taking the time to complete this form and for helping The International School of
Minnesota become better acquainted with this candidate for admission.

Name (please print)                                                 Title                    Date

Name of School                                                      Phone

Street Address                                        City                  State            Zip Code

Please return to:
                                    The International School of Minnesota
                                              Admissions Office
                                              6385 Beach Road
                                           Eden Prairie, MN 55344
                                 Phone: (952) 918-1800 Fax: (952) 918-1801

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