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									     he Mannerheim League for Child Welfare in Finland has           for birth parents, according to the Times. Newspapers run
T    sent parents of seventh-graders a letter outlining the impor-
tance of sleep for adolescents. A study by the World Health
                                                                     ads with infants’ photos asking for information about their
                                                                     families. But many of the parents are illiterate, and even if
Organization found that Finnish teens are the most tired of          they could read, they do not get newspapers in their rural
any in Europe. The Mannerheim League says this is simply             villages. The Chinese Center for Adoption Affairs, the gov-
because teens don’t get as much sleep as they need.                       ernment agency that oversees Chinese adoptions, did
Many adolescents lack a proper sleep rhythm,                                   not comment in the Times story.
and having regular evening routines that curb
cell phone use, television watching, and                                                                   he Northern Authority
Internet surfing helps get them into bed
on time, the League says.
                                                            Dispatch                                 T     in Manitoba, Canada,
                                                                                                       more than a year into a quality
                                                             From Abroad                               assurance review of Awasis
     recent series in the Los Angeles Times                                                            Agency, recently placed the
A    tells the story of babies adopted from
China who were stolen by officials and put
                                                                                                       agency’s executive director
                                                                                   on administrative leave and appointed its own
up for foreign adoption, their parents allege.                                   administrator, as allowed under provincial laws. A
Family planning officials enforcing the country’s                            report from the Winnipeg Free Press says that Awasis
one-child policy—which actually allows second children               is one of Manitoba’s biggest Indian child welfare agencies,
in some locations and in some circumstances—allegedly                reaching more than a dozen communities. Over the last year,
took infants instead of finding the parents, hoping to               there have been several deaths of children serv
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