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First business and industry began to talk about the impact of the message and what it would mean to their future workforce needs. The new Institute for 21st Century Learning, developed in partnership with the International Center for Leadership in Education, is focused on providing professional development for education leaders that addresses the changing education landscape. 3.

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Facing a Flat World                                                                                             Techniques
                                                                                                                 M A N AG I N G E D I T O R
                                                                                                     N. Susan Emeagwali / semeagwali@acteonline.org
                                        WHEN TOM FRIEDMAN pUBLISHED HIS BOOk
                                        The World is FlaT IN 2005, the conversation began                  A C T E S TA F F C O N T R I B U T O R S
                                                                                                         Stephen DeWitt / sdewitt@acteonline.org
                                to change. First business and industry began to talk about              Cara DiMattina / cdimattina@acteonline.org
                                the impact of the message and what it would mean to their            Catherine Imperatore / cimperatore@acteonline.org
                                                                                                         Sabrina Kidwai / skidwai@acteonline.org
                                future workforce needs. Then the government started to
                                look at how this new world would impact the U.S. econo-                                 DESIGNER
                                                                                                            Kelly Strine / kstrine@acteonline.org
                                my. And finally, educators came to realize they needed to
                                                                                                                    ONLINE EDITOR
                                be a part of this new dialogue. More importantly, career                 Jonathan D. Miller / jmiller@acteonline.org
                                and technical education (CTE) was thrust (rightly so) into
                                                                                                      ADVERTISING ACCOUNT SALES REP
                                the heart of the discussion.                                                  Tom Minich / tstellar@telenet.net
                                   It is fitting that this issue of Techniques is focused on                   Mel Katz / melkatz@verizon.com

         Janet B. Bray          international CTE. The content and delivery of our                         A D V E R T I S I N G C O O R D I N AT O R
                                education, at both the secondary and postsecondary levels,                Jim Waterhouse, Techniques Magazine
                                                                                                          1410 King Street, Alexandria, VA 22314.
is changing in an effort to regain its relevancy in this flat world. CTE is changing as the           Phone: 800-826-9972 ext. 332 Fax: 703-683-7424
workplace changes. Yes, many of the areas taught in CTE cannot be outsourced (build-                        E-mail: techniques@acteonline.org,
ing a home, installing plumbing or A/C systems or caring for children). However, today
                                                                                                          DEPUT Y E XECUTIVE DIRECTOR
it is possible for an auto mechanic in Germany or China to correct major systems prob-                 Peter Magnuson / pmagnuson@acteonline.org
lems in a car without touching the car. As I was recently informed, minus the steering
wheel, brake and gas pedals, I am simply riding in a computer. And computer problems                   Association for Career and Technical Education
can be diagnosed and corrected from anywhere!                                                                       acte@acteonline.org
                                                                                                             Janet B. Bray, Executive Director
    The American CTE system is one of the best in the world. We have teachers with                                 jbray@acteonline.org
some of the highest knowledge and skills around the globe. Our CTE courses cover any
                                                                                                            H O W T O C O N TA C T A C T E
subject area in which there is a high demand for skilled workers. ACTE has hosted scores                              Call 800-826-9972
of delegations from other countries eager to learn how the CTE system in the United                         MEMBERSHIP SERVI
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