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      Wes Friesen, the director of Solo and         participate. As plans come together, you                                            seen at the 2005 championships at
      Rally events, called the Grand Sierra         can find information on the NWR Web                                                 Forbes Field. The vast open spaces of
      Resort in Reno and was welcomed with          site:                                                             Lincoln almost certainly guarantee a
      open arms. With the event chair Matt              If you have a subject you would like                                            return to longer, and potentially faster,
      Roy, they put on a most successful event      to see included in this space, please e-                                            courses. If there is any possible
      with 117 entries. Thanks to Jim Gandy for     mail me at the e-mail address below. I                                              drawback for our local competitors, it is
      the Reno information.                         would sure love to have an update of                                                the lack of concrete sites on which to
          Mike Smith, RE for San Francisco          what’s happening in the other regions                                               practice and tune a car.
      Region, tells us that SFR supported           (like Southwest Montana, Snake River,                                                  A handful of drivers ventured east
      (among other events) the Steve Earl’s         Big Sky, Montana and Alaska Regions).                                               earlier in the year for the Lincoln
      Wine Country event at Infineon. Steve                                                                                             ProSolo and were able to report back on
      Earl does not allow the use of                CONTACT SHERRI MASTERSON                                                            the site – apparently, the grip is very
      transponders at his events, so all Timing                                                         similar to that of the El Toro site in
      and Scoring is done old school, with the                                                                                          Southern California. This news quickly
      use of a light and keypad. Bill and Patty
      Dwyer, past chiefs of Timing and               SKID MARKS                                                                         made events at the El Toro site a must.
                                                                                                                                           Even with a new site to break in,
      Scoring, have knowledge of this system         SOUTHERN PACIFIC DIVISION
                                                     BY JASON ISLEY
                                                                                                                                        there is little doubt that our SoPac Solo
      and all came off with out a hitch with                                                                                            aces will have scored lots of hardware.
      the help of the current T&S crew.                                                                                                    For the Club Racers, moving to the
          Northwest Region and Big Island of        SUMMER TRAVELS                                                                      historic Road America means a
      Hawaii Region are planning their second
      co-sanctioned race at Bremerton
      Motorsports Park. In 2007, this was the
      first co-sanctioned event between two
      regions in different divisions (Northern
                                                    S       ome of you may have noticed the
                                                            absence of Skid Marks in the
                                                            September issue. Our neighbor
                                                    to the east, Sydney Davis, needed a little
                                                    extra space so I volunteered to take the
                                                                                                                                        completely different style of racetrack
                                                                                                                                        than the previous years’ events at
                                                                                                                                        Heartland Park Topeka. A premium will
                                                                                                                                        certainly be put on horsepower and
                                                                                                                                        brakes this year.
      Pacific and Southern Pacific). Last year,     month off. In all honestly, though, SoPac                                              Thanks to the Chicago Region June
      they were unable to do this great             did not have much news – it was hot,                                                Sprints, the largest non-championship
      partnership because homeland security         sunny and we all went racing, business                                              National Club Race each year, a number
      had the traditional dates and there weren’t   as usual.                                                                           of drivers from our area have gained
      any other options. This year, the event is       Unfortunately, skipping last month                                               some experience at Road America over
      one month later. The highlight, besides       did mean I could not let
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Description: By the time you read this, the best Soloists from our division should be doing battle in Lincoln, Neb., and our Club Racers should be on the road to Elkhart Lake, Wis., for their championship battles. Thanks to the Chicago Region June Sprints, the largest non-championship National Club Race each year, a number of drivers from our area have gained some experience at Road America over the years. DIVISIONAL CHAMPS At the time of this writing there are only a few National Club Races left out of division, so (barring any surprises) it might be time to call the Divisional Championships wrapped up.
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