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                          Antidote              BY DR. SIEGEL
                                                                Journal editors toughen
                           Readers of this column are
                        not surprised at the firestorm
                                                                conflict of interest rules
                        of vaccine mongering—entirely           ReseaRcheRs submitting              with non-financial associations,
                        unsubstantiated and inflamma-           manuscripts to many medical         including personal, professional,
                                                                journals will have to fill out a    political, institutional or religious
                        tory, that has been leveled at the      more probing disclosure form        associations that might have
                        new swine flu vaccine. I have           aimed at exposing potential con-    bearing on the submitted work.
                        spent years arguing on behalf           flicts of interest.                   “although efforts are under
                                                                   The International commit-        way to establish uniform report-
of updating how we make flu vaccines. The cell cul-             tee of Medical Journal editors      ing systems, there is currently no
ture techniques and genetic techniques we employ                (IcMJe) has issued a revised        uniform vehicle for the disclo-
in many other vaccines are lacking in flu vaccines,             Uniform Disclosure Form for         sure of financial associations,”
                                                                Potential conflicts of Inter-       said IcMJe leaders in an edi-
in part because manufacturers are afraid to try new
                                                                est. The new form, which must       torial. The Wall Street Journal
techniques for fear of provoking a new public worry.            be completed by each author,        reported that at least a dozen
   consider that the h1N1 vaccine uses a tried and              requires identification of direct   journals have agreed to use the
                                                                or indirect commercial support      new form, to be phased in over
true process that has been in place for over 50 years.
                                                                received for the manuscript, as     the next few months. IcMJe
Imagine what the outcry would be if the technique               well as any revenue from com-       member publications include
were updated. completely inaccurate claims are get-             mercial entities with interests     The British Medical Journal, The
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