; Pharma resilient during economic slog: IMS Health
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Pharma resilient during economic slog: IMS Health


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McNeil’s Concerta consumer effort employs mobile
PEDESTRIANS mulling around                                                                                                            to triple digits. “We went from 10
Times Square can learn more                                                                                                           visits on October 5, to 516 visits
about ADHD by responding to                                                                                                           on October 6,” said Geoghegan,
an advertisement on the CBS                                                                                                           adding that the company had
jumbotron, via text message.                                                                                                          known mobile users were try-
  The 15-second ad reads, “Can’t                                                                                                      ing to access Concerta.net from
focus? Can’t sit still? Could you                                                                                                     Google Analytics data. “We’re
or your child have ADHD? To                                                                                                           learning from our users,” said
find out more, text ‘ADHD’ to                                                                                                          Geoghegan.
87415,” and can be seen on the                                                                                                           Testimonial videos on the
26x20 foot screen four times per                                                                                                      mobile site are targeted to adults
hour, according to Tricia Geoghe-                                                                                                     with ADHD, or to parents of
gan, a McNeil Pediatrics spokes-                                                                                                      children with the disorder.
person. The jumbotron ads will                                                                                                           Actual testimonial content
run through November 30.                                                                                                              occurs during the first twenty
  Upon texting “ADHD” to the                                                                                                          seconds of the two and a half
number 87415, denizens of Times      Times Square ads direct people to text, leading to a Concerta link                               minute videos, with the remain-
Square receive a near-instanta-                                                                                                       ing two minutes containing fair
neous text message in return         the World Health Organization’s                             billboard offers plenty of expo-     balance info, including risks
containing a link to the “Con-       ADHD test, branded testimonial                              sure, Geoghegan said that cre-       and details about adverse event
certa Mobile Web Experience,”        videos and a coupon offering a                              ating a redirect for Concerta.       reporting.
a branded mobile-optimized           30-day free trial of Concerta.                              net – a technology that sends           NYC-based Augme Mobile,
platform for McNeil’s ADHD           At press time, 4,764 consum-                                mobile phone users straight to       acquired by Modavox, Inc. in
drug. The mobile site offers         ers had accessed the Concerta                               the mobile-optimized website         July, provided the texting plat-
information about ADHD in            mobile web program, according                               when they attempt to access Con-     form, and Ogilvy Healthworld
adults and children, an ADHD/        to Geoghegan.                                               certa.net online – immediately       built the product site.
ADD screening adapted from              Although the Times Square                                brought the visitor numbers up                           —Ben Comer

Pharma resilient during economic slog: IMS Health
THE GLOBAL market for phar-                                                                                                           dipped as much as expected. In
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