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Administering Prevacid Prevacid Is safe and effective for children, but It needs to be administered correctly. Because the number of proton pumps In the stomach lining Is greatest after a prolonged fast, Prevacid should be administered before the first meal of the day.

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									                           A Primer on ...
                                                                           By Cate Sibley, PharmD

                         The gen-      plicated gastroesophageal reflux        So, why is Prevacid number one?
                         eral pop-     (GER) where they remain free of         Clinical experience coupled with
                         ulation       symptoms or other complications         convenience—that’s all! In prac-
may best remember the 1980s            even though they experience epi-        tice, Prevacid has been prescribed
as a time of big hair, atrocious       sodes of gastric contents passing       more often because of the exis-
fashion, and great music, but          into the esophagus.                     tence of the Prevacid SoluTab, a
pharmaceutical researchers would                                               convenient and easy-to-use orally
                                       Prevacid is reserved for use in
more likely recall the era for the                                             disintegrating tablet that rapidly
                                       infants and children with moder-
emergence of a class of drugs                                                  dissolves in the mouth.
                                       ate to severe GERD that hasn’t
called proton pump inhibitors
(PPIs). The introduction of the        responded to lifestyle change or        Mode of Acid Eradication
                                       that has led to complications, such     Your child’s stomach is lined with
PPIs was a milestone in the history
                                       as esophagitis and hoarseness.          special cells that contain unique
of drugs because they perfected
the medical treatment of acid-         Your child’s doctor may prescribe       proton pumps. These pumps
related disorders.                     Prevacid for your little one if she     transport protons (the hydrogen in
                                       has persistent asthma symptoms          hydrochloric acid—stomach acid)
It wasn’t until 1995 that the FDA                                              into the stomach, resulting in the
                                       in spite of the use of traditional
approved the PPI Prevacid. Since                                               acidification of the stomach’s con-
                                       asthma medications. The physi-
its approval, Prevacid has become                                              tents. This pumping of acid into
                                       cian most likely suggested Pre-
the “fast-mover” among its class                                               the stomach makes up the final leg
                                       vacid as a trial run to see if GERD
of medications in the pharmacy                                                 of a rather intense acid secretion
                                       may be contributing to your child’s
for use in infants, children and                                               pathway.
                                       atypical asthma issue.
adolescents. Lansoprazole, the
generic for Prevacid, just recently                                            This is where Prevacid comes to
                                       Prevacid vs. All Other PPIs
hit the market in November 2009,                                               the rescue in those children with
                                       Aside from Prevacid, other well-
and will most likely become more                                               acid-related disorders. The proton
                                       known proton pump inhibitors are
popular than its brand-name coun-                                              pump inhibitor works exactly the
                                       Nexium (esomeprazole), Prilosec
terpart.                                                                       way you would imagine: it blocks
                                       (omeprazole), Protonix (pantopra-
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