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POP Go the Sales
   Point-of-purchase signage remains
    effective even in tough economy

                      By Steven Shaw

                          As the country tries to emerge from one of the worst economic downturns in history, retailers
                      are still feeling the effects. Consumers are being careful with their money and the retailers them-
                      selves have to be wise in their investments. They need to draw in customers and get them to spend
                      once inside. One of the most effective—and relatively inexpensive—ways to do this is by using
                      Point-of-Purchase (POP) signage.
                          Wide-Format Imaging recently spoke with representatives from POP manufacturers to find out
                      how they are helping retailers in these tough times. New innovations, reduced costs, and quicker
                      turnaround times are all hot topics. Digital printing, sustainable products, and new substrates are
                      also key issues.
                          The experts interviewed for this story are: Jim Moore, The Special Projects Group, a Division
                      of Art Laminating, LLC, Atlanta, GA; George Kern, Grafix Solutions Inc., Sayreville, NJ; Erik
                      Landrowski, NGS Printing, Elgin, IL; Dan Kimmerly and Maureen Gumbert, KDM P.O.P.
                      Solutions Group, Cincinnati, OH; Doug Mier, FastSigns, Louisville, KY; and Herm Kauls and
                      Cathy Campbell, Graphic Systems, Minneapolis, MN.

                      How has the POP signage business changed in the last 12 months?
                          Kauls/Campbell: You could say that the print industry was a commodity, where people were
                      just taking quotes. But that type of business doesn’t exist much anymore. You have to be more
                      upstream working with a customer before it gets to the print buyer, and actually be working with a
                      marketing team in providing solutions along the way. It’s all about being a solutions provider.
                          Kern: The POP displays/signage itself has grown tremendously over the past 12 months mainly
                      because of the economic situation that the retail market has suffered through. The advertisers
                      know that their clients brands need to be pushed hard during these times and they are looking for

20 NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2009 WIDE-FORMAT IMAGING                                            www.wide-formatimaging.com
every creative outlet available to them. POP signage is one of     and variable data printing methods are requested more.
the best mediums they have at their disposal.                      Many clients have also put their requests for green processes
     Kimmerly/Gumbert: Obviously, the recession has been a         and green materials on the back burner. KDM has continued
large factor. While we have had an increase in the number          to increase our green commitments and product offerings, so
of quote requests, the size of the average quote is down.          we will be ready when the market requests green again.
The trend also continues to be shorter lead times. Thus,               Landrowski: Digital printing continues to expand into
the amount of our digital printing has increased. That has         the screen-printing arena, and new “green” products emerge

Description: Mien We're doing a lot of digital printing. We're working with a national grocery chain that has these metal deli cases, so we're printing on magnetic media. We print the Boar's Head logo and Boar's Head type face onto a mag and it's a perfect fit. The cool part about this is they don't have to worry about blank shelf danglers or paper inserts.
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