SPECIAL DELIVERY: C-17 fuselage moved to train future transporters by ProQuest


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									           On the final leg of its journey from California to Fort Lee, Va., a C-17 fuselage is guided between
           traffic lights. The move required several road closures and temporary power outages along the route.

                                                               C-17 fuselage moved
            SPECIAL DELIVERY:                                  to train future transporters
            Story and photos by T. Anthony Bell, Fort Lee Public Affairs

                       5,000-mile sea and land odyssey that             Sometime earlier this year, however, word
                       began at an Orange County, Calif., test-    got around that a C-17 was available at a Long
                       ing facility came to an end Aug. 22 at      Beach airport, and it would cost considerably
              Fort Lee, Va.                                        less to transport it here rather than build a new
                  A hulking Air Force C-17 aircraft fuse-          one.
              lage is now in its final resting place just off of        “They were going to chop it up for scrap
              Sisisky Boulevard following a 32-day, seg-           and get rid of it,” said Mellman, noting that
              mented movement from the west coast.                 it cost about $1.7 million to transport. “We
                  The 160-foot fuselage will be used at Fort       decided to get the real thing, the best training
              Lee by the Joint Transportation Center and           device we could get.”
              School to help train nearly 2,000 military                The mission of transporting the structure
              members annually in airload procedures.              across several time zones would prove to be
                  The JTCS will move to Fort Lee from Fort         a challenging one, but one that logisticians
              Eustis and become operational here by 2011.          accomplish routinely in operational environ-
                  Col. Tod Mellman, JTCS Base Realign-             ments, said Mellman.
              ment and Closure officer, said the idea to move           With assistance from SDDC at Fort Eustis,
              the C-17 to Fort Lee wa
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