Strengthening the Bond: Active Component/Reserve Component Workshop by ProQuest


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									           Strengthening the Bond:
           Active Component/Reserve
           Component Workshop
           By Carol Mayo
           SDDC G7
           Training Readiness and Mobilization

                   he Deployment Support Command
                   and the Military Surface Deploy-
                   ment and Distribution Command
           conducted their annual DSC Conference
           and Active Component/Reserve Compo-
           nent Workshop at the Marriot Hotel in
                                                            Maj. Gen. James L. Hodge gives the keynote address at
           Newport News, Va., from Aug. 14-16.
                                                             the Active Component/Reserve Component Conference.
               This year’s conference focused on unit
           readiness, deployment and mobilization,
           and current and future outlooks.                            The next phase of the conference centered on
                “This conference was created to further the       operational breakout sessions and panels where
           habitual relationships that have been formally de- conference participants engaged in a lively atmo-
           veloped between our Active Component soldiers          sphere of questions and answers.
           and their Reserve Component counterparts,” said             “The SDDC AC/RC conference is an excel-
           Col. Lynn Locklear, director of SDDC’s G7 Train- lent opportunity for the Reserve leaders to coordi-
           ing, Readiness, and Mobilization directorate.          nate with their Active counterparts, and to address
               The event began with an evening social that        both short term operational issues, as well as
           enabled conference attendees to meet key staff         discuss and influence long term strategies facing
           members from both commands and participate in          the command,” said Col. Ronald Lane, G7, DSC.
           an informal dialogue and exchange of ideas.                 “The conference has proven to be a valuable
               “With the majority of SDDC’s military sup-         venue for synchronizing prioritie
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