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									           Azores Detachment
           Doing more with less
           By Capt. Anderson W. Raub,
           Operations Officer
           838th Transportation Battalion

                     ver the course of the
                     last 15 years, the 838th
                     Transportation Bat-
            talion’s Azores Detachment has
            gone through many significant
            changes that have affected their
            organization structure, their unit
            designation, their chain of com-
            mand, and how they conduct
                In 1991, the Azores port
            operations were supported by
            a total of 136 personnel. To-
            day, the Azores detachment is
            comprised of 12 local national
            employees and one Department
            of Army Civilian.                       Xavier Esteves, administrative supervisor and acting director of
                “They are some of the hard-       838th Transportation Battalion’s Azores Detachment, monitors the
            est working and loyal people           discharge of the MV Geysir in the Port of Praia di Vitoria on the
            he has had the opportunity to             Azores, Portugal. (Photos by Helio Faria, Azores Detachment.)
            work with in almost 30 years of
                                                                       For Xavier Esteves, acting Azores Detach-
            service to the U. S. Government,” said Guiller-
                                                                  ment commander, quick thinking and an intricate
            mo Mosquera, a former Azores Detachment
                                                                  knowledge of the services and personnel within
            commander now working for the 838th in Rot-
                                                                  his area make him a tremendous asset to the
            terdam. “While many things have changed over
                                                                  Azores team on challenging missions.
            the years, one thing has remained constant: the
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