Crane settles patent suit with SandenVendo and Royal Vendors

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▶   Pepsi fights $1.26 B                    its home and office bottled water deliv-
    bottled water judgment                 ery service further into the greater
                                           Atlanta and Nashville areas and addition-
                                                                                                 People in the News
A federal court vacated a $1.26 billion
                                           al Georgia and Tennessee communities.
judgment against PepsiCo Inc. for al-                                                            EVERPURE, LLC TABS NEWCO’S
                                                                                                 JOHN HINER AS SALES MANAGER FOR
legedly stealing the idea to bottle and    ▶   NCS&V represents                                  OFFICE COFFEE AND WATER
sell purified water from two Wisconsin
men. The court reopened the case fol-
                                               Multi Max Distributing                                Everpure, LLC
                                                                                                 named John Hiner as
lowing a request for dismissal.            National Coffee Service & Vending,                    regional sales manager
                                           the Lakeland, Fla.-based vending and                  in the coffee and office
                                                                                                 water market. He was
▶   Schwarzenegger rejects                 coffee service product brokerage, is
                                                                                                 most recently regional
    beverage recycling bill                now representing the Multi Max                        manager for Newco         Hiner
                                           Distributed Vending System in the                     Enterprises Inc.
California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger
                                           U.S. and Canada. For more informa-
vetoed a bill that adds new containers                                                           TRI-STATE VENDING COUNCIL HONORS
                                           tion, contact Brent Toevs at 561-632-
to the beverage container recycling                                                              NAMA’S PAM GILBERT WITH 2009
                                           9750 or visit:
program. The bill would have in-                                                                 HARRY MOWERY AWARD
creased the refund value fee on some                                                                Pam Gilbert, manager of the
                                           ▶   Crane settles patent                              National Automatic Merchandising
existing containers. Schwarzenegger
noted the container recycling fund is
                                               suit with SandenVendo                             Association’s (NAMA) eastern office,
                                                                                                 received the 2009 Harry Mowery
facing a deficit because consumers
                                               and Royal Vendors                                 Award from the Tri-State Automatic
are recycling more and the fund has        Crane Co., parent company of Crane                    Merchandising Council. Harry Mowery
                                           Merchandising Systems, recently                       was vice president of the vending
made loans to the general fund.
                                                                                                 division at Jack & Jill Ice Cream Co.
    The bill expands the program to        settled a patent infringement lawsuit
                                                                                                 when he passed away 16 year
Description: Crane Co., parent company of Crane Merchandising Systems, recently settled a patent infringement lawsuit with SandenVendo...
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