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U.S. Foodservice Lightens Energy Bills


'We're proud of our efforts to conserve energy and to help preserve our local environment," says Larry Luman, president of U.S. Foodservice Lubbock. "We've shown that just one change, even in a small operation like ours, can make a huge difference."

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									   McLane Foodservice, a division of            key population centers, McLane delivers        and Mississippi.
McLane Co. Inc. in Carrolton, TX, will          world-class expertise, logistics, technology      “We really like how XATA is evolving its
provide Arby’s with comprehensive supply        and promotion services.                        fleet optimization technology,” says Scott
chain services, including logistics, procure-                                                  Reilly, vice president of logistics, Brook-
ment and inventory management solutions.        Brookshire Optimizes                           shire. “With XATANET, we have a fleet
McLane currently provides services to 285       Fleet With XATA                                operations solution that can expand as we
units in the Western U.S. through its Phoe-
nix; Tracy, CA; and Riverside, CA distribu-
tion centers.
                                                B   rookshire Grocery Co. has chosen
                                                    XATA Corp. as its preferred provider of
                                                onboard computer technology.
                                                                                               need it. Brookshire’s is proud of its high
                                                                                               level of customer service and customer
                                                                                               satisfaction, and XATANET will help us
   “McLane’s expertise and top-notch               The Tyler, TX-based supermarket             maintain this level of service by alerting us
operational efficiencies have supported         retailer selected the XATANET fleet opera-     with delivery status in real-time.”
our growth as a world-class supply chain        tions software platform and services for its      Brookshire’s is using XATANET to
organization,” says Wendy Kleefeld, vice        fleet of more than 75 vehicles. XATA, Min-     monitor and manage the performance of
president, supply chain of Arby’s Restau-       neapolis, is also providing implementation     its fleets, including delivery details and
rant Group. “By expanding our partnership       and training services to ensure a smooth       driver behavior, such as speeding, exces-
for service in the Texas market, we will        adoption of the solution.                      sive idling and hours of service.
continue to build upon that success.”              The implementation rollout was com-
   McLane serves some of the world’s larg-      pleted last month.                             Saddle Creek Acquires
est chain restaurant systems and adheres           Ser ving customers in four states,          ServiceCraft Logistics
to the most rigorous standards. With
nationwide reach and a local presence in
                                                Brookshire operates more than 150 super-
                                                markets in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas          S   addle Creek Corp. has acquired Servi-
                                                                                                   ceCraft Logistics, a third-party logistics
                                                                                               company headquartered in Buena Park,

  U.S. Foodservice Lightens Energy Bills
                                                                                               CA. The acquisition reflects Saddle Creek’s
                                                                                               strategic focus on bringing integrated
                                                                                               logistics solutions to new markets and pro-

  S    wapping to high-efficiency light bulbs at U.S. Foodservice Lubbock is helping the
       local division cut an average 3,450 kilo-watt hours (kWh) from its daily electricity
  use—or about enough to power 111 average American homes for a day.
                                                                                               vides customers with expanded coverage
                                                                                               and service options.
                                                                                                  The deal
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